Black Friday Deals in Camo
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A Realtree Thanksgiving
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Why Your Guide Hates You
The X: Duck Hunting In Alberta
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  • 18 Deer Unlawfully Killed By Poachers

    This is the type behavior that gives hunters a bad name. But, honestly, I wouldn’t call these guys “hunters.” Because they aren’t hunters. They’re killers. WVNS 59News reported on the recent poaching case. According to Adam Mayer with WVNS 59News, eight people were arrested for the unlawful killing of 18...

  • Venison- and Blue-Cheese-Stuffed Mushrooms

    Easy to make and a hit at any gathering, these venison-and blue-cheese-stuffed mushrooms are simple to make and work well as a main dish or an appetizer or snack. For a main course, use large portabella mushrooms; for snacks or appetizers, use baby bellas or large button mushrooms. Start the...

  • Black Friday Deals in Camo

    I'm not much of a shopper. Unless I'm shopping for something that comes in camo. Well, the only thing better than that is if I'm shopping for stuff that comes in camo and it's being offered at a deep discount. Welcome to Camo Friday, Realtree's version of Black Friday. I'm...

  • Third Time’s A Charm

    It isn’t often a hunter gets a second chance at the buck of a lifetime. A third chance is unheard of. But that is exactly what happened to Luke Carswell, owner of 7 Bar Outfitters in Morehead, Kentucky, when he took a world-class buck during the 2015 Kentucky modern firearms...

  • Federal Funding to Boost Wildlife Habitat

    The federal government wants to encourage folks to preserve wildlife habitat and maintain land for farming and ranching — in a big way. Agricultural Secretary Tom Vilsack announced Nov. 16 that $350 million will be made available to help landowners protect and restore critical farmlands, grasslands and wetlands across the...

  • People You Meet During Duck Season

    The Newbies This group will represent the majority of encounters, whether they will admit they’re newbies or not. You can spot The Newbies easily because they will usually be eager to talk and tell you (truthfully) how their hunt went. Treat The Newbies with kindness and kid gloves. They need...

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