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  • Atlantic Flyway Hunting Success Scattered

    Date: Oct. 20 Location: Flyway-wide, trending toward the northern portion of the flyway Major Weather Trends Hurricane Matthew hammered Florida, leaving many of the state’s waterfowlers thinking about their homes and belongings instead of ducks. Much of the rest of the flyway is experiencing normal early-fall weather patterns — cool...

  • Early Mississippi Flyway Results Mixed

    Date: Oct. 20 Location: Flyway-wide, trending toward the northern reaches of the flyway Major Weather Trends An unseasonably warm early fall finally gave way when cold front swept through the northern portion of the flyway Oct. 7 and 8. Crisp, breezy days followed, and some areas experienced nighttime frosts. Warm...

  • Is Prairie Free-Lancing for Ducks and Geese Dead?

    Years ago, prairie waterfowl adventures typically involved a long drive, lots of staring at dog-eared maps, visits with friendly farmers and life-changing duck and goose shooting. Times have changed. Nowadays, trips to the Dakotas or prairie Canada still necessitate a long trip, but big money for guides, leases or exclusive...

  • 8 Great Muzzleloader Hunting States This Season

    The smell of burnt black powder in the air on a crisp fall morning is something to live for. There are millions of hunters across this country who dream of heading afield each season with muzzleloader in hand. If you’re among that crowd, these eight states are arguably among the...

  • The Roller Coaster Buck

    Location : Marshfield, Missouri Date : October 1, 2016 Weapon : Bow Brian Utecht is a Whitetail Properties land agent and a very knowledgeable deer hunter. He loves to hunt deer and always finds time to chase big bucks. It’s something he and his family enjoy doing, and they take...

  • Deer Hunter Tags Huge Early Season Buck

    Tom McFarlane of Whitetail Properties is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to deer hunting . He’s killed numerous giant whitetails, some of which have been featured right here on Realtree.com . He can look at a property and have a great idea of how to take a mature...

  • How to Find Big Deer On Pressured Properties

    Do you deer hunt in heavily hunted areas? Realtree's Josh Honeycutt explains how to locate and hunt deer in areas that receive a lot of pressure. Click here for more deer hunting articles and videos. Check us out on Facebook .

  • Wesley McConnell’s Smoke Pole Stud

    Wesley McConnell of Whitetail Properties is a die-hard deer hunter. He lives it. And when he’s not selling land, he’s hunting big bucks. This season was no different. He was after big bucks in Kansas, somewhere he’d never hunted before. McConnell couldn’t wait to be in a tree. He was...

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