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  • Venison Rouladen

    As I type this, we are 45 days away from opening day of Kentucky's archery deer season. Like a lot of you this time of year, we are in a rush to empty the freezer of last year’s venison. By now, most of the prime steaks, backstraps and inside loins...

  • CWD Study Raises Grave Concerns

    As chronic wasting disease continues its seemingly inexorable march across North America, new research suggests more cause for worry: The mutant proteins that cause CWD might have the potential to affect human health. A study by Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, found signs of CWD infection in two...

  • Turkey Hunter Sees Bigfoot—Yeah, Right

    Bigfoot turkey hunter sightings stay on the radar often enough to provide social media and online interest. Some angrily scoff at posts, fueled by critical thinking, while others passionately affirm they've seen one too. It's hard to know what to believe. I have to think many are cases of mistaken...

  • Packing Handguns on Hunts

    I’m asked quite often if I carry a handgun while hunting. My facial expression generally gives the answer before my mouth does. Whether hunting out west in the mountains, or walking a small stand of timber here in Michigan, I'm usually strapped . In today's society, I feel much safer...

  • Hospital Bills Man $150K After Attempted Rattlesnake Selfie Results in Bite

    A San Diego man learned there can be a heavy price to pay, both physically and monetarily, when you try to take a selfie with a rattlesnake. Todd Fassler yanked the venomous snake from a bush while attempting to take a photo with it. The snake, of course, bit Fassler...

  • Controversial Mining Company Chips in for the Ducks

    Perhaps no other sector in popular, modern-day hunting is more affected by environmental policy than waterfowling. While deer continue to pop up out of the woods like spring tulips in a flower box, and turkeys are regularly seen in more front yards than ever before, ducks must be intricately managed...

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