Build the Ultimate Backpack for Public Land Deer Hunting
Bowhunting Tip: Adjusting Draw Length on a Bow
How to Hunt Fall Turkeys with Dogs
3 Coyote Hunting Vocalizations You Should Know
The Best Times to Kill Monster Bucks
Deer Hunting QOW: Are Rut Tactics Good for Old Bucks?
4 Ways to Survive Crazy Public-Water Duck Hunting Openers
Deer Hunting Tip: Planting Micro Plots
How to Shoot Uphill and Downhill
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    Build the Ultimate Backpack for Public Land Deer Hunting

    Early season treestand hunting for whitetails means many things to the dedicated public land bowhunter, maybe chief among them the need to be mobile. When you can quickly and easily respond to the changing travel patterns of bucks relating to ag fields, waterholes or other hot food sources, your chances...

  • Bowhunting Tip: Adjusting Draw Length on a Bow

    T-Bone and Pitts explain how to properly adjust the draw length on a new bow. Follow along as they explain this process step-by-step. Click here for more bowhunting articles and videos. Check us out on Facebook .

  • Keep Your Head in the Duck Game

    My mother told me to always wear a hat when it was cold because we lose 80 percent of our body heat through our heads. She also told me a cat hair would turn into a worm if you ate it, which made me a dog person at an early...

  • 3 Reasons to Shoot a Legal Fall Turkey Hen

    Fall turkey hunting is available in 42 states and a number of Canadian provinces. Often, either-sex birds are legal to shoot. Always check your regulations to be sure. That said, there are common points of discussion when it comes to killing legal fall hens, juvenile or adult. Reasons why you...

  • The Forcing It Deer Hunting Mentality

    As a deer hunter, sometimes I find myself falling into a rut. And it’s usually when I’ve failed to do my homework and effectively scout an area that I want to hunt. The “forcing it” deer hunting mentality creeps up and I try to “make something happen” instead of learning...

  • Chasing November: Hunting Over Kill Plots

    We continue with the beginning of Chasing November , a series brought to you by Bill Winke’s Midwest Whitetail. In this episode, you’ll see Drake Sachsenmaier take a great buck in a kill plot. Also, Bill Winke continues to share his story. Make sure you come back every Monday for...

  • Watch Two Male Rattlesnakes Fight for "Lady Snake"

    One Arizona homeowner was treated to exciting ringside seats for an epic battle between two aggressive male rattlesnakes. The homeowner, Bryan Detwiler, says he filmed the fight late Wednesday night. The two adult male rattlesnakes duked it out for three hours to establish dominance over an area and for the...

  • How to Hunt Fall Turkeys with Dogs

    The hunting tactic is simple: A trained dog follows fall turkey scent to find and then scatter autumn flocks. In states where it's legal — nearly 30 as of this writing — the hunter then gathers his or her canine, makes a setup much as he or she would in...

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