5 Preseason Jobs for Deer Hunters
How to Bowhunt on a Budget
Kill More Pronghorns by Guarding Scrapes
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How to Determine Effective Bow Range
Deer Hunting with a Recurve
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  • Deer Hunting in West Virginia

    Season Dates (2016): Not available at the time this was published. The Grade: B West Virginia garners a solid B, not so much for trophy buck potential, but for its wealth of public land and deer hunting opportunity. The state has an impressive amount of land available in WMAs plus...

  • Game of Shadows: Keep Sunlight on Ducks, Not in Your Eyes

    Somewhere in the Waterfowling 101 manual, we lost sight of a basic hunting principle. Conventional wisdom holds that ducks and geese land into the wind, so hunters typically set up with the wind at their backs or at least quartering away to facilitate easy incoming shots on decoying birds. But...

  • State Prepares to Test Deer for Bovine Tuberculosis

    The Outdoor Wire recently reported that biologists with the Indiana DNR are preparing to test deer for bovine tuberculosis (TB) this fall. According to the report, TB was detected this past April in a cattle herd in Franklin County, Indiana . Because of that, biologists plan to monitor deer harvested...

  • 5 Preseason Jobs for Deer Hunters

    Deer hunting is all about preparation. Everything you do leading up to the hunt sets the tone for the hunt itself. Do these five things between now and opening day. Relearn the Area You’ll Hunt This year has been one of weather extremes in much of the nation. While some...

  • Deer Hunting in Virginia

    Season Dates (2016): Seasons dates vary. But the following dates pertain to most. Archery season runs from October 3 through November 13, then again from November 29 through January 2. Muzzleloader season is October 31 to November 13 and December 12 to January 2. Firearm season is November 14-28, generally,...

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    How to Bowhunt on a Budget

    Times are tough. The current political climate indicates it could get tougher. The well-heeled will remain privy to flagship bows, pricey arrows and broadheads and accessories priced in the triple digits. Working stiffs like us have to shop more carefully, but that doesn’t mean we have to go afield with...

  • Grilled Elk Steak with Sorghum and Bourbon Steak Sauce

    I’m not normally one to use a steak sauce, particularly when it comes to a flavorful grilled elk steak. That said, this one is pretty good on just about any kind of red meat, and the sweet and salty flavor pairs well with the sharpness of wild game. While sorghum...

  • Kill More Pronghorns by Guarding Scrapes

    I was in Africa when the concept hit me. I couldn’t help but notice African antelope constructed scrapes, pawed-out areas where droppings and scent were deposited. I knew I’d observed this phenomenon before on North America’s pronghorn prairies. It was to become my secret weapon, one few bowhunters even consider...

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