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  • Verizon Drops Outdoor Channel

    Recently, the world of Outdoor Television programming was rocked by announcement that Verizon has dropped all programming by the Outdoor Sportsman Group Networks, including the Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel. Such a move leaves virtually no true outdoor programming for Verizon subscribers. For some time, the Outdoor Channel has led...

  • French Bulldog Attacks Trespassing Bears

    Jules, the French bulldog, is proof that courage comes in all sizes. A viral video shows the 20-pound pup attacking two young bears that wondered up into her yard. According to Foxnews.com , a third bear was on the balcony, just out of camera range. In the video, you can...

  • Gear Review: Browning Wasatch Soft Shell Jacket and Pant

    I need pockets, lots of 'em. The Browning Wasatch Soft Shell Jacket has three: a zippered chest pocket for a cell phone (mandatory), and the handwarmer pockets also zip up. Knit 3-layer polyester, in Realtree® Xtra Camouflage , it's breathable, water resistant, windproof. And quiet. Cuffs are adjustable. The zip-up...

  • Take The Head Shot, Or Not?

    I’m a man of principle. I set standards for myself, and I do everything in my power to follow those standards. Naturally, I have deer hunting standards, as well. And one of those is to make a quick, clean, and ethical kill shot. So I ask you: Are head shots...

  • Blue Crab Boil

    We recently returned home from our annual fall trip to the Apalachicola Bay area of Florida. Absent are the high-rise condos, T-shirt shops and bumper-to-bumper traffic you find in other areas of the Gulf. Instead, oyster and shrimp fishermen head out most mornings, the locals wave and honestly seem to...

  • Woman Cries And Pleads With Bear To Not Destroy Her Kayak

    Mary Maley may be the only person who’s ever verbally warned a black bear that she was about to spray it in the face with pepper spray before she actually did it. As the black bear approached Maley, who was kayaking in Alaska, you can hear her on the video...

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