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  • Hospital Bills Man $150K After Attempted Rattlesnake Selfie Results in Bite

    A San Diego man learned there can be a heavy price to pay, both physically and monetarily, when you try to take a selfie with a rattlesnake. Todd Fassler yanked the venomous snake from a bush while attempting to take a photo with it. The snake, of course, bit Fassler...

  • Controversial Mining Company Chips in for the Ducks

    Perhaps no other sector in popular, modern-day hunting is more affected by environmental policy than waterfowling. While deer continue to pop up out of the woods like spring tulips in a flower box, and turkeys are regularly seen in more front yards than ever before, ducks must be intricately managed...

  • How Many Days Do You Turkey Hunt a Year?

    Turkey hunters are a hardcore bunch. Just like the deer and duck folks. And some people chase spring gobblers, whitetails, mallards and more. Here at the Realtree turkey blog, we like that. Question is, how many days on average do you turkey hunt? Do you get out in the spring...

  • Stir Fried Venison with Fresh Chanterelle Mushrooms

    It has rained every day this summer in Kentucky. Well, maybe not every day, but way more than normal. Hay hasn’t been cut, food plots either aren’t out or exist only as a few yellowed plants here and there among the weeds. Been a good year for mushrooms, though. I...

  • Watch Video of Decapitated Copperhead Biting Its Own Body

    If you’re already terrified of snakes, you may not want to watch the video above, as it will only feed your snake-infested nightmares. Sam Billiter of Huntsville, Ala., posted this creepy video of a decapitated copperhead biting its own body earlier this week. Billiter killed the venomous snake after finding...

  • Venison Chateaubriand with Oyster Mushrooms and Brie

    Looking for a dish to impress a date or your significant other? Want a quick weeknight dinner that tastes like you spent a lot of time in the kitchen? Try this chateaubriand recipe with fresh oyster mushrooms and brie cheese. Yea, chateaubriand sounds pretty fancy, and difficult. It isn’t either...

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