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  • 11 Funny Looks You Get From Your Duck Dog

    Your duck dog probably makes humorous faces. Mine does. Our pooches brim with drive, desire, wonder and appreciation every day they spend in the marsh, and they reflect that in their expressions. We often try to interpret those expressions and equate them to human emotions or thoughts. I guess we’re...

  • Q&A with Realtree's Phillip Culpepper

    Phillip Culpepper is Realtree's video producer. Often he's behind the scenes, shooting and producing filmed hunts. Sometimes too, he's in front of the camera, especially in spring. The man's a turkey hunting machine. As humble as he is talented, he's put a lot of people into birds over the years...

  • 5 Fastest Ways to Increase Deer Density

    Everyone is talking about how the “ good ol’ days ” of deer hunting are over. Deer harvest totals are trending downward in most states. Millions of acres of land are lost to development every year. Hunter numbers are dwindling in some areas. All the talk makes it sound pretty...

  • Lung Falls Out of Exit Hole on Deer

    Do you shoot a broadhead that you swear by? Won't shoot anything but that one broadhead ? If so, you're not alone. David Blanton shot a big buck with an NAP Spitfire Maxx, and it did some damage. So much damage in fact, that one lung fell out of the...

  • Watch Firemen Rescue Stuck Deer

    Several selfless firemen spent part of their Father's Day rescuing a deer stuck in a tight situation. Andy Pankratz, a resident of a small Vancouver Island town, called the Crofton Fire Department for help after discovering a deer wedged between his fence and a row of boulders in his backyard...

  • Bowhunting Small Game

    As I slipped through the tall grass undetected, the animal I was stalking fed on grass completely unaware of my presence. The tall grass gave way to a large, open field. If I could make it to the edge of the field, I knew I would have about a 30-yard...

  • Anthony Virga: Turkey Hunting Grand Slam for a Friend

    Realtree pro-staffer Anthony Virga killed his first turkey (a five-bearded jake) at age 10 while hunting with his uncle. This was the start of his personal obsession with the big birds. This past February, the New Jersey native competed in the NWTF Grand National Calling Championship . Not long after...

  • The 8 Best Guns for Groundhogs

    You into groundhog hunting? Try one of these eight guns. Ruger 10/22 What kind of small game gun list would this be without the most popular semi-automatic .22 LR on the market? It wouldn't be much of a list. The 10/22 is a working man's gun. From the flush-fitting, 10-round...

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