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  • Railroad Moose Rescue

    Railroad workers are accustomed to seeing wildlife near train tracks, but they don’t encounter a moose hopelessly caught in trash every day. On Sept. 24, Canadian National Railroad workers near Phillips, Wis., noticed a bull moose entangled in wire. They called the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources via the agency’s...

  • 3 Ways to Cold Call Fall Turkeys

    Cold calling to fall turkeys — whether on foot or from a blind — is a strategy to locate or pull in birds you don’t see or hear. You've likely picked a spot where you’ve found fresh turkey sign, or even seen and heard birds before (though quiet groups will...

  • Essential Waterfowl Recipes: Rendered Breasts

    Late this summer, we took a look at a fool-proof way to use up left-over ducks in the freezer, by creating a great summer sausage to take to the blind. Now that the waterfowl season is in full-swing in many parts of North America, and just around the corner in...

  • Air Rifles: Fun For All Ages

    As we grow older, we lose pleasure in the things that used to make us happy when we were kids. Skipping rocks on water, playing in the sandbox, burning ants with a magnifying glass. One of my favorite activities was shooting air rifles. This pastime still holds true even as...

  • Friend Saves Hunter From Bear Attack

    Stephen Vouch is thankful for his friend's quick response and credits him with possibly saving his life after a bear attacked him last week. The 29-year-old Idaho hunter was asleep in the remote Idaho wilderness when he was suddenly awakened by something tugging on his hair. He yelled out for...

  • 5 Ways to Kill a Fall Turkey While Deer Hunting

    I know. You want the shooter buck on your hit list. But Thanksgiving is coming too. If both seasons are open where you hunt, here’s how to put a wild bird on the table while waiting for Mr. Double Drop Tine. GET IN THE AIR You’re bowhunting, and have tags...

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