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  • Other Species Sought by Turkey Hunters

    Are you a two-season wild turkey hunter? Or do you hunt beards in the spring and antlers in the fall? Squirrels and rabbits? Upland birds, predators and even bear get plenty of attention by turkey hunters. They decoy and call in ducks and geese, too. How about you? Statistically speaking...

  • Family Has Close Encounter With Grizzly Bear

    This Montana family had a lot more confidence in the strength of their vehicle's glass windows than I probably would, had a huge grizzly bear been crawling around on my car. While driving home from Yellowstone National Park, this family got an up-close and personal view of a grizzly as...

  • Nebraska Seeks Public Input on Waterfowl Zone Changes

    I’m a big believer that, in most cases, game and fish managers are doing all they can to ensure the best hunting and fishing experiences for the majority of their constituents. And, while I feel this has been the general theme across most of the country for quite some time,...

  • Video: Watch, Listen as a Hen Struts, Gobbles

    Ever see a hen strut or hear one gobble? Watch this video. True enough, over the years we’ve seen an occasional hen strut in the spring, often to show dominance, especially when confronting a hyper-realistic fake staked in her territory. We’ve even witnessed strutting in the fall from certain brood...

  • Beer-Braised Elk Chuck Roast with Onions

    The chuck roast cut comes from the upper shoulder of an animal. Since elk use their shoulders on a fairly regular basis, the muscle sees lots of activity. The result can be a tougher cut of meat with a lot more connective tissue than backstrap or sirloin roasts and steaks...

  • Authorities Seeking Man Who Jumped on Moose’s Back

    I absolutely hate seeing someone harassing wildlife. Not only is it cruel, it’s also against the law. That’s why, according to Global News , British Columbia authorities are searching for the man (seen in this video) riding on the back of a moose. The video shows a group of men...

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