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3 Ways to Find Pre-Rut Blacktail Bucks
Bowhunting Tip: Bow Timing Part Three
Blacktails: Hunting the Pacific Ghost
3 Late-Season Deer Hunting Strategies
Bowhunting Tip: Bow Timing Part Two
Green-Timber Greenheads: The Duck Hunting Zenith
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  • Duck Hunting in Wisconsin

    The Badger State might not be as synonymous with waterfowling as Arkansas or Louisiana, but it offers some fine hunting. Wisconsin fowlers are blessed with a vast array of hunting options. The Mississippi River gets a tremendous flight of ducks, and it might be the best place in the country...

  • The X: A Delayed Migration and Waves of Pintails

    The 2016 duck season started warm and slow, but that didn't deter the crew at Fowled Reality. In fact, several team members found a bounty of pintails during November in Illinois. And footage from those hunts shows some of the most incredible sprig decoying action you'll ever see. The video...

  • Venison Wellington with Bacon Onion Bourbon Jam

    Beef Wellington is a classic dish of beef tenderloin, coated with mushroom duxelles (don’t worry, it’s just a fancy name for button mushrooms that have been finely diced in a food processor and cooked in butter with shallots, garlic, and thyme) and occasionally a liver pate, then wrapped in puff...

  • 3 Ways to Find Pre-Rut Blacktail Bucks

    For most bowhunters, chasing blacktails is a chess match that usually concludes with the buck being the victor. Heavy timber and dense cover provide them with the upper hand against those willing to test their hunting skills. Fortunately for us, there comes a time during the year when all mature...

  • Bowhunting Tip: Bow Timing Part Three

    Michael Pitts and Travis "T-Bone" Turner wrap up their talk on bow timing. Click here for more bowhunting articles and videos. Check us out on Facebook .

  • Run-and-Gun DIY Deer Hunting

    Buck: 148” Date: October 31, 2016 Place: South Dakota Weapon: Bow Do you ever hunt new places on the fly? Ever tried what we like to call run-and-gun DIY deer hunts ? While it can be difficult to pull off, going into an area you’ve never hunted, speed scouting, hanging...

  • Duck Hunting in South Dakota

    Most states wish they had South Dakota’s duck hunting. Even with habitat degrading somewhat because of the loss of Conservation Reserve Program grass, this state is still a duck factory for hatching resident ducks and hosting migrants. Today, duck hunting licenses are limited for nonresidents, and you would do well...

  • The Fowl Life: Waterfowl Migration Report

    Every duck and goose hunter knows warm Fall 2016 weather has slowed the migration , but there's good news. Chad Belding, of The Fowl Life , reports that major storms and cold fronts in late November put mallards , honkers and other waterfowl in motion. During a recent North Dakota...

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