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  • Turkey Hunting in North Carolina

    As of this writing, North Carolina has a little over twice the estimated wild turkey numbers (260,000) as its southern cousin South Carolina (120,000). However, more turkeys were killed in South Carolina (19,211) than North Carolina (16,912) according to recent (2014) data. That's one for turkey managers to ponder ...

  • Realtree Video: How to Tree Call to Roosted Turkeys

    Tree calling can help you locate roosted wild turkeys before they fly down. If you're well-hidden, and they can't see your position, it's an advantage. If they can look down from their roost to the spot where you're tree calling, it's risky: they may not see another bird there, and...

  • How to Owl Hoot to Find Turkeys

    Owl hooting is a great locator call when used right. Spring gobblers, fired up about the prospect of breeding – and contesting pecking order – will gobble. When silent, you can make them "shock gobble" to various sounds, including owl hooting. After this, once the gobbler is located this way,...

  • Roasted Duck Leg Breakfast Tacos

    We just about always save the legs and thighs from the ducks we kill, but several of our recipes only call for the breast meat. Because of that, we often find ourselves in possession of several leg/thigh quarters from various ducks. When we do, one of my favorite things to...

  • Watch Video of Coyote Following Doctor Into Hospital, Learn About Georgia's Coyote Challenge

    There's no question that many states throughout this country are experiencing a coyote problem. The pesky varmints are roaming suburbs, snatching up pets and have even displayed threatening behavior toward people. Just watch the video above. A security camera recently captured footage of a sneaky coyote following a doctor into...

  • Turkey Hunting in Arizona

    Full disclosure: I've never turkey hunted Arizona. All of my understanding comes from talking with folks in the know, and digging into research data and websites. That said, 740 turkeys were killed here in 2014, the most recent data available. Although there is plenty of public ground to hunt wild...

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    Cool Bowhunting Gear at the NWTF Convention

    First off, did you go to the NWTF Convention in Nashville this year? If not, you missed one heckuva party. More than 52,000 hunters like you attended the big shindig last weekend. It was a great time with lots of like-minded individuals. If you didn't get to attend, see our...

  • Turkey Hunting in Nebraska

    Turkey hunting in Nebraska often goes like this . . . We had maybe a half-dozen guys in camp. Most everybody had killed a couple turkeys, and one guy had three, all legal. We walked into a local diner, giddy with success. Some of the local farmers saw us, struck...

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