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Attract More Deer with Soft Mast
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  • 5 Grilled Game Recipes for the 4th of July

    There is something about the 4th of July weekend that just makes me want to grill. Hot dogs and burgers are great, but wild game is even better. What better way to celebrate our Nation's independence than by cooking up some of the game you provided for your family? These...

  • New Video of the Bear That Walks Like a Human

    New footage of the New Jersey black bear that walks like a human has emerged and has already gone viral. The male bear was first filmed in 2014 as he walked upright through a New Jersey neighborhood. He became an instant Internet sensation and was given the name "Pedals." Oak...

  • Realtree Video: Bill Jordan Archery Spring Turkey Hunt

    Maybe you're bass fishing these days. Maybe you're getting ready for the deer, duck or even fall turkey seasons. Chances are you miss the recent campaign just a little. We do. Check out our Realtree video of Bill Jordan taking a nice Georgia spring longbeard with a bow. Go here...

  • Duck Hunting Booster: Federal Stamp on Sale

    Your annual opportunity to support waterfowl and other bird habitat conservation just hit store shelves. The 2016-’17 Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp , commonly called the federal duck stamp, went on sale June 24. This season’s edition features a striking image of trumpeter swans by five-time Federal Duck Stamp...

  • Venison Summer Sausage Caprese Salad

    It's summertime and the fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes are going to start rolling in. If you still have some venison summer sausage or salami left in the freezer, get some fresh basil and make this quick and easy appetizer or lunch. It only takes a few minutes, and Venison Summer Sausage...

  • How to Know When the Best Days of the Rut Will Be

    The morning sun peeks over the horizon, illuminating the river bottom below. The crisp fall breeze rustles the remaining leaves that utterly refuse to let go for the winter. Two does and a fawn feed to the west through some standing soybeans the farmer left behind. A young buck mills...

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    Attract More Deer with Soft Mast

    Natural browse and food plots containing such forages as clover, brassica, turnips, corn and grains are thought of as the most highly preferred foods for whitetails. Though all of those rank very high on a deer's menu, most wind up taking a back seat to sugar-laced ripened fruit. As with...

  • Never Lose an Arrow Again

    If you've shot a bow for any length of time, you've lost an arrow. You've probably lost quite a few. I know I have. I've lost arrows by shooting in the yard, shooting in competition, and certainly when I've been hunting . Now, as Travis "T-Bone" Turner explains in the...

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