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  • Tips for Introducing Youngsters to Waterfowl Hunting

    Folks make a big deal about introducing children or teens to waterfowl hunting , and rightly so. But that’s often where the advice ends. If we want to recruit newcomers into the full-time ranks of duck and goose hunters, we must do everything to make sure their first experience is...

  • Are Long-Range Bowhunting Shots Ethical?

    By: Patrick Meitin When I started bowhunting in the late '70s, bragging up a successful hunt normally involved tales of stealth – cat-like stalking skills resulting in getting "close enough to hit 'em with a rock." In the times we now live in, bragging about bowhunting accomplishments seems more often...

  • How to Stop Trail Camera Theft

    Approaching my best treestand recently, I was eagerly looking forward to checking the image counter on my trail camera. It'd been a rough week, bowhunting whitetails in the heart of ongoing rifle seasons (plural) with minimal sightings. I needed a bit of encouragement. A high image count would bolster waning...

  • Wild Turkey Buffalo Wing Smoked Mac N Cheese

    Everyone loves mac n cheese and Buffalo wings are always a favorite. This recipe combines the two flavors with wild turkey breast and slow smokes on the Traeger for extra flavor. Smooth and creamy cheese helps to tame the spicy Buffalo wing sauce. Blue cheese crumbles top the dish for...

  • 18 Tips for Stalking Deer with a Bow

    Stalking deer is a serious business. Slipping up on an animal that can smell you from 400 yards, see you from 3/4 of a mile and hear the slightest snap of a twig is tricky business. It takes real skill to accomplish this sort of thing. And that’s why we’re...

  • 13 Crazy Trail Camera Photos

    I’ve been running, checking and helping hunting buddies with trail cameras since 2005. Many of you have been running them for much longer. Some for less. Those who've been around the block, do you remember the home-made cameras? Or the ones you had to take to get pictures developed? Like...

  • 12 Tactics to Keep Your Wife Happy During Deer Season

    Let me begin by saying this post isn't for everyone. It isn't for those who have wives who hunt. It isn't for those who have non-hunting wives who understand why we go afield, either. Rather, it's for those who have that wife who'd rather see you in one of those...

  • 3 Super-Easy Waterfowling Skills You Can Acquire Right Now

    Admittedly, most waterfowl hunters aren’t thinking too seriously about the upcoming season. We’re busy chasing turkeys or recovering from spring light-goose conservation hunts. That’s no problem, as there’s plenty of time to fix decoys, get our boats purring and fine-tune our retrievers. But during this not-so-serious time months before the...

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