To Shoot a Button Buck
Waterfowling's Promised Land: A Prairie Primer
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Deer Hunting with a Muzzleloader
Build the Ultimate Backpack for Public Land Deer Hunting
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  • 5 Fall Turkey Hunts for Your Busy Schedule

    Time is at a premium for many turkey hunters. Still, you miss hearing birds waking up on the roost, then drawing closer and closer to your setup after fly-down time. You need to hunt. Try these five tactics for your busy schedule and tag a bird this fall. 1. Hunt...

  • To Shoot a Button Buck

    A deer hunter watching a food plot saw a lone deer enter the open ground to feed. Obviously not an antlered buck, he thought, but is it a doe? He recalled the advice he had often heard: lone antlerless deer in the fall are often button bucks. Wait for other...

  • Police Dash Cam Footage Shows Deer Attacking Driver After Being Struck by SUV

    Some say this intense video footage from a New Jersey police car dash camera shows the moment an angry buck decided to take revenge on the female driver of the vehicle that struck him. Others say the deer was simply confused and happened to run into the vehicle as it...

  • Easy No-Bake Pawpaw Pudding

    Even if you live in an area where they are common, you might not know about Pawpaws. The tropical-looking fruit is native to the eastern, southern and Midwestern United States, growing on small (35 feet or under) trees in shaded, fertile areas, usually among mixed hardwoods and most often on...

  • Waterfowling's Promised Land: A Prairie Primer

    Duck hunting offers many bucket-list opportunities, including mallards in green timber, eiders along marine coastlines or canvasbacks on the Mississippi River . But for many folks, a trip to the prairie pothole region tops them all. This North American treasure is the remnant of what was once the world’s largest...

  • Morning or Evening: Which Shift Kills More Ducks?

    Folks often argue about the best times to hunt ducks and geese. That’s pointless if you’re on a schedule. Go whenever you can — period. If you’re not crunched for time, though, you might wonder whether it’s best to hunt mornings or evenings. Or even midday. Each has benefits depending...

  • 10 Ways to Improve Entry and Exit Routes

    People often get wrapped up in wind direction at stand sites when most of the time, it’s between the truck and the treestand that we spook the most deer. If that’s the case for you, it might be time to improve entry and exit routes, or change them altogether. Here...

  • Bowhunting Early Season Wyoming Bucks

    A lot of bowhunters dream of killing a velvet buck. It's the ultimate of early season deer hunting . I personally connected on a big, velvet 10-point last fall and I consider it one of my greatest hunting achievements. In this video, David Blanton kills a big Wyoming buck in...

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