How to Be the Best Meat Hunter
Kill a Pre-Rut Monster in 5 Days
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Bowhunting Early Season Deer in South Dakota
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  • Blake Shelton Kills a Giant Kansas Buck

    Bowhunting is my favorite pastime. The same goes for many of you. Blake Shelton loves it too. The raw emotion in this video alone shows you just how much this guy enjoys deer hunting. It gets me pumped up just watching it. How excited do you get when you kill...

  • How to Blitz a Buck

    Killing big bucks is tough to do. And to kill them consistently each season is dang near impossible if you don’t really study them and work hard at it. It takes dedication. Sometimes you get the job done quick during the early season. Sometimes you don’t. Now, we’re right in...

  • Grilled Venison Steak Stuffed with Spinach, Cheese, and Sun Dried Tomatoes

    Every now and then, we like to add an Italian twist to our venison steak. Our favorite way to do this is to flatten the steak with a meat mallet before stuffing. We used a top round cut for this one, but just about any steak cut from the rear...

  • How to Be the Best Meat Hunter

    Establishing the correct antlerless harvest goal for your property depends on many factors and can even change from year to year on the same property. Some places need aggressive doe harvest. Others need very little if any. As such, I strongly recommend involving a qualified wildlife biologist in this important...

  • A Double-Droptine Buck Named Diablo

    Dream bucks are far and few between. The chance that a hunter will kill a Boone & Crockett buck are well below one percent. Odds aren’t good. But here is Adam Hann , a Whitetail Properties land agent, with an absolute stud. The kinds dreams are made of. “This deer...

  • The Story of Bent Brow

    Hunter : Tom James Date : October 13, 2016 Buck Gross Score : 145” Weapon : Elite Energy 32 Tom James , an Indiana real estate agent with Whitetail Properties , is a die-hard deer hunter. He loves hunting whitetails even more than he loves selling good deer hunting properties...

  • A South Dakota Skyscraper

    It’s always exciting to collect matching shed antlers from a monster buck. But when you do, actually taking the buck that wore them rarely becomes a reality, especially during early October, the dreaded time often called the “October lull.” However, bowhunter Cade Fortuna recently capitalized on a rare chance to...

  • Kill a Pre-Rut Monster in 5 Days

    The pre-rut is here. Do you have a tag left? If you do, this is your plan for success . Follow this step-by-step guide for killing a pre-rut monster. Wait for the Right Weather Weather is very important, especially during the pre-rut. Good weather is a must-have. A single day...

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