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  • Realtree Video: Amazing Phillip Culpepper PSE Gobbler Bow Kill

    Realtree's Phillip Culpepper closes the deal on an up close and personal spring gobbler with the new PSE Gobbler bow . Go here for more Realtree turkey hunting . Follow Realtree on Facebook .

  • Camper Survives Vicious Bear Attack

    The survivor of a recent bear attack said the terrifying experience was like looking Satan right in the face. Avid outdoorsman Ken Steck is recovering at home after suffering a terrifying brown bear attack on May 13. Beck was camping with friends in Alaska's Disenchantment Bay when the bear attacked...

  • Strawberry Rhubarb Roasted Wild Pork

    It’s no secret that wild pork, especially older hogs, can be a little gamey in flavor. When I saw the idea for this recipe on TasteofHome.com, I knew instantly that it could be adapted to tame even the wildest tasting wild pig. I used bellies and tenderloins for this one,...

  • Single Stack vs. Double Stack Handguns

    Some people prefer the single stack. Others prefer the double stack. As bad as we hate to say it, sometimes it just comes down to the individual and the situation they're in. There is no definite answer. There is no definite winner. You have the single stack. And you have...

  • Northern Hunters Catch On to Teal Seasons

    Early teal seasons are established traditions in many central and southern Mississippi and Central Flyway states, but they’re relatively new to the Upper Midwest. As a result, thousands of “new” teal hunters have had to sharpen their duck-identification skills to shoot bluewings and greenwings while passing non-target species, such as...

  • 7 Things Most Deer Hunters Forget to Do

    There are a lot of factors and variables that play a part in preparing to go deer hunting . Not just so many things to do, but so many things that must be done right to arrow a whitetail . Just make sure you don’t forget to do these seven...

  • Archery Tips from the Pros

    Shooting a bow well is no different than swinging a golf club with precision—for that perfect hit, it takes finesse and proper technique for smooth, accurate execution. This is why professional coaching is such a craze in golf — practice doesn’t make perfect — perfect practice makes perfect . If...

  • Paleo: How to Be a Proud Meat Eater

    Many of us probably know at least one person that’s a vegan. And in no way are we sharing this to offend those people. No, it’s just a good old wisecrack to brighten your day. After all, we need a good laugh every now and then, right? I think so...

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