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  • Buffalo Squirrel Dip

    Want a party dish that no one else will bring to the table? The next time you get invited to a potluck style function; whip up a big bowl of this Buffalo Squirrel Dip and be the life of the party. It starts with boiled squirrel, simmered for a couple...

  • Test Driving The New Yamaha Kodiak 700

    There are some great perks to working in the outdoor industry. Although most of my time is spent in front of the computer typing up stories, occasionally I get to participate in fun outdoor excursions and test the latest and greatest gear. I recently got to test drive the new...

  • States That Now Have CWD

    The above video was produced by the Michigan DNR. It's graphic. But this is the reality in the war on Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). Note: They talk about baiting in the video, too. I'm not taking an official stance on that issue in this post. But the video as a...

  • 7 Things to Know About Bachelor Groups

    Seasons are opening up all across the country. August 15 in South Carolina. September 1 in Nebraska. September 5 in Kentucky. It’s here. In nine days, I’ll be sitting in an oak tree overlooking some Kentucky Alfalfa. And it’s highly likely bucks will still be in bachelor groups. Here’s what...

  • Wolves Return to California

    After a 90-plus-year absence, gray wolves have returned to California. California Department of Fish and Wildlife officials confirmed Aug. 20 that the agency had obtained photos of five wolf pups and two adults in Siskiyou County in the northern part of the state. They’ve named the group the Shasta Pack...

  • Tandoori Venison Kabobs

    Tandoori is an excellent way to introduce people to the flavors of Indian-style cuisine. The spice blend is mild, yet full of flavor and it complements the richness of the venison even better than the traditional lamb you normally see at Indian restaurants. The recipe starts with the spice blend...

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