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SHOT Show Video: New Browning Clothing
Video: Irish Setter Boots from the SHOT Show
SHOT Show: New Ammo for 2017
Duck and Goose Call Clinic: What's On Your Lanyard?
12 Muzzleloaders from the 2017 SHOT Show
Video: CVA Muzzleloaders at SHOT Show
Predator Hunting Guns from the 2017 SHOT Show
2017 SHOT Show: Gun Cases and Slings
  • New Hunting Boots at the 2017 SHOT Show

    If you want to enjoy a successful hunt, comfortable and durable hunting boots are a must. If your feet are hurting, cold or wet, you won't be able to concentrate on the task at hand. The boot manufacturers displaying at the 2017 SHOT Show understand the importance of high-performance footwear,...

  • Sorghum- and Soy-Smoked Mallard

    One of our favorite ways to cook mallards is to smoke them whole. This recipe borrows a few flavors from the traditional Chinese roasted duck, but gives them a Kentucky spin. The blend of Uncle Josh’s Kentucky Sorghum with soy sauce, butter and diced rosemary give the skin a sweet...

  • SHOT Show Video: New Browning Clothing

    Camouflage is what keeps us hidden from the game we hunt. But it’s companies like Browning who put our innovative patterns to use and create these incredible hunting garments for the public. You’re only as good as your gear. And Browning’s gear is great. Check out their latest in the...

  • Video: Irish Setter Boots from the SHOT Show

    When it comes to comfort and stamina on hunts, your feet are very important. Boot manufacturers are realizing this and are pouring resources into incredible designs and creations. That’s especially the case with Irish Setter . They’re constantly releasing new innovative products. Check out their latest in the video above...

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    SHOT Show: New Ammo for 2017

    Firearms and ammunition make the outdoor world go ‘round. We fire millions of rounds every year, and we all get excited when new ammo options hit the markets. That’s why we walked the aisles of the 2017 SHOT Show to find some of the latest and greatest in the ammo...

  • Duck Hunting in North Carolina

    North Carolina waterfowlers shot almost 360,000 ducks in 2014, including an amazing 117,436 wood ducks. The action didn’t stop there, though, as hunters also took great numbers of mallards, gadwall, wigeon, bluebills, ringnecks, buffleheads, hooded mergansers, black ducks and green-winged teal. When you add the almost 45,000 geese taken in...

  • 5 Duck Hunters You'll Meet This Off-Season

    Until you share a blind or field with someone, you don’t know what kind of waterfowl hunter he or she is. You’ll get some hints here and there, of course. And cell-phone or social-media pictures can provide clues about the type of campaign those folks enjoyed. But until you actually...

  • Atlantic Flyway Report: Ducks, Geese Arrive in Force

    Date: Jan. 19 Location: New York south to the Carolinas and Georgia Weather Trends A severe cold front in mid-December brought gobs of ducks and geese into the mid-Atlantic, where hunters loaded up on everything from puddle ducks and divers to Canada geese . The cold didn’t stay, though. As...

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