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  • My Top 6 Incredibly Dumb Duck Hunting Fails

    Prediction: You’ll goof up once or twice this waterfowl season. Everyone does it. We’re human, after all, and mistakes are just part of the never-ending cycle of trial and error inherent in waterfowling. And in hindsight, some of our gaffes can be pretty funny. Consider some of my favorite bone-headed...

  • Video: Wild Turkey Attacks Reflection in Window

    Some turkeys, like certain songbirds, are prone to fighting their reflections in windows . This can include truck bumpers and other mirrorlike surfaces. This behavior is often based on a sense of maintaining pecking order within a flock or assumed territory, spring or fall, with both gobblers and hens. Truth...

  • Deer Kills Dog to Protect Fawn

    It's something you don't hear of too often -- a deer killing a dog, but it does happen on occasion, especially when it's an angry doe protecting her fawn. Joyce Farrey recalled to The Baxter Bulletin the night in May when her 16-year-old Dachshund, Heather, was killed by a deer...

  • 12 Steps for the Best Deer Hunting Trophy Photo Ever

    The pre-season is here , preparations are being put in motion, and we’re knocking on opening day’s door. Just about every deer hunter I know is licking their lips and chomping at the bit. It’s like the night before the toilet seat horseshoe tournament at the county fair. And yes,...

  • Pitts Opposes Summer Scouting for Deer

    I've always been an advocate for summer scouting . I’ve killed three mature Kentucky bucks in the last four years that frequented my cameras during summer . I killed those deer within 150 yards of those cameras. The 2015 buck was taken in September on a 40-acre property. I killed...

  • Deer Hunting in North Dakota

    Season Dates (2016): Archery season opens at noon on September 4 and runs through January 3. Gun season comes in at noon on November 6 and continues through November 22. Muzzleloader season opens at noon on November 27 and closes December 13. Youth season opens at noon on September 18...

  • Video: Wild Turkey Hen Fakes Injury to Protect Her Young

    Wild turkey encounters can happen suddenly these summer days. You might be walking in the woods, or even in a suburban area where human habituation may have taken place. This time of the year, hens are with poults, if they've bred successfully. Some don't. Each day their young grow bigger...

  • Deer Hunting in New Mexico

    Season Dates (2016): Archery season general runs from September 1-24 and a late season in some units that runs from late November to mid-January; and generally rifle season that runs from early November through mid to late November. Season dates vary largely by unit and all tags are offered on...

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