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2017 SHOT Show: Gun Cases and Slings
Video: Carhartt at the 2017 SHOT Show
Video: Frogg Toggs Waders at SHOT Show
ATA Show: New Trail Cameras, Food Plot Seed and Attractants
New Deer Hunting Gear and Apparel from the ATA Show
ATA Video: New Nikon Optics
ATA Video: Trophy Ridge React Pro Sight
ATA Video: Realtree EZ Hangers
ATA Show: The Best New Bows for 2017
  • Potato Chip Crusted Fried Turkey Strips

    Grippos makes the best barbecue potato chip on the planet. Bar none. If you can’t get them where you live, you are missing out. That said, you can use just about any chip for this recipe. Just pick your favorite. They don’t have to be barbecue either. Choose whatever flavor...

  • Duck Hunting in Oklahoma

    Oklahoma generally isn’t thought of as a primary duck hunting destination, but it should be. Consider the numbers for a moment: 317,000 ducks in the bag for the latest season for which data is available. That equates to a clip of more than 18 ducks per hunter for season, tops...

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    2017 SHOT Show: Gun Cases and Slings

    Sometimes we have a gun because it’s pretty. Other times, it’s because it’ll serve a purpose in our hunting and shooting endeavors. Regardless of which reason, we still want to protect them and keep our guns operating smoothly. Gun cases and slings go a long way in doing that because...

  • Video: Carhartt at the 2017 SHOT Show

    Are you into new hunting clothes? Like the heritage Carhartt brings to the table? Then check out some of their new hunting clothing and apparel. Click here for more deer hunting articles and videos. Follow us on Facebook .

  • Hunting Dog Gear at the 2017 SHOT Show

    There wasn't a lot of hunting dog gear at the 2017 SHOT Show, but we did discover a few items we wanted to share with you. Dog handlers know that great dogs require a lot of training, time and attention, and just the right gear helps you make the most...

  • Duck Decoy Mixer: One Hunter's Method

    Most duck hunters have strong opinions on what they consider to be the best decoys. If you’re honest, you might simply choose the blocks you used to shoot your latest limit. But the choices go deeper than that, of course. Modern manufacturers have given us an array of fakes, including...

  • Duck Hunting in New Mexico

    There’s nothing wrong with New Mexico duck and goose hunting. Where it happens, it can be phenomenal. It’s just that there’s not much of it in a state dominated by high plains, rolling foothills, rugged mountains and excellent big-game hunting. New Mexico’s resident duck hunters probably laugh at that and...

  • Video: Frogg Toggs Waders at SHOT Show

    Need a new pair of waders? Maybe yours has a hole in 10 different places and leaking like nobody’s business? Check out this new set from Frogg Toggs. Click here for more waterfowl hunting articles and videos. Follow us on Facebook .

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