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  • The Trail Camera Photo Cataloging System

    Trail cameras have become one of my most useful tools when scouting for deer . Yes, I still scout for deer in a variety of other ways such as from afar, in the field and with maps. However, I do rely on trail cameras much more than I used to...

  • David Blanton Reflects on His Faith

    My faith has always been important to me throughout my life. None of us are perfect. But we can all strive to do right. David Blanton is also a man of faith. And he recently shared that faith from the treestand for all of Realtree's viewers. Listen to him. He...

  • Predators Are Decimating Mule Deer Herds

    The very mention of mule deer conjures up wild, western and romantic images of hunting some of the most untamed and unforgiving terrain this country has to offer. The hallowed grounds of Utah’s Henry Mountains, Colorado’s Gunnison Basin, Wyoming’s Grey and Salt River drainages, Idaho’s Bennett Hills, New Mexico’s Rio...

  • Garlic Aioli-Rubbed Venison Backstrap

    Like most of you, I think grilled venison backstrap is just about the perfect food. All it needs is a little salt, a little pepper, and just enough flame to get a good sear on the outside while leaving the center a nice rare to medium-rare. But every now and...

  • Deer Hunting in Montana

    Season Dates (2016): Archery season runs from September 3 to October 16, and the general rifle season runs from October 22 to November 27. These are the dates set when published, please check the state DNR's website to confirm. The Grade: B+ Like many western regions in the Lower 48,...

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    8 States with Early Deer Hunting Season Opening Days

    I’m certain that many of you are ready for opening day. And as July comes to a close, it won’t be long before deer seasons start opening up. As has always been the case, different states hold different season lengths. Some states are notorious for starting in October, while others...

  • My Top 6 Incredibly Dumb Duck Hunting Fails

    Prediction: You’ll goof up once or twice this waterfowl season. Everyone does it. We’re human, after all, and mistakes are just part of the never-ending cycle of trial and error inherent in waterfowling. And in hindsight, some of our gaffes can be pretty funny. Consider some of my favorite bone-headed...

  • Video: Wild Turkey Attacks Reflection in Window

    Some turkeys, like certain songbirds, are prone to fighting their reflections in windows . This can include truck bumpers and other mirrorlike surfaces. This behavior is often based on a sense of maintaining pecking order within a flock or assumed territory, spring or fall, with both gobblers and hens. Truth...

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