How to Spot and Stalk a Hog
How to Determine Effective Bow Range
Deer Hunting with a Recurve
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  • How to Spot and Stalk a Hog

    Since hogs roam most frequently in the early morning and late evening hours and then disappear quickly once the sun begins bearing down on their thick, fatty layers, you can’t dawdle. Don’t hunt these animals like deer, but more like elk, as you’re trying to intercept them on the move...

  • The Best Nicknames for Duck Hunting Spots

    Despite the romance inherent in waterfowl hunting, we usually give our favorite spots pretty pedestrian names. Consider some of the areas I hunted in 2015, such as Bill’s, which I cleverly named for its owner … Bill. Then there was Peterson’s, which, again and just as cleverly, took the name...

  • Deer Hunting in Georgia

    Season Dates (2016): Statewide archery season is Sept. 10 through Jan. 8 and there is an extended archery season until Jan. 31 in Clayton, Cobb, DeKalb, Forsyth, Fulton, Gwinnett and Rockdale counties. Primitive weapons season is Oct. 15 to Jan. 8. Firearms season begins Oct. 22 and ends Jan. 8...

  • Video: Realtree Xtra Multi Weapon Pack by In Sights Hunting

    Almost all of my bowhunting for turkeys has been done on foot. Sure, I've spent some time in blinds, but as a run-and-gun type (even with archery tackle) I've enjoyed hunting turkeys – especially fall flocks – covering ground, and trying to get close enough to birds for a good,...

  • How to Determine Effective Bow Range

    In recent years, archery gear has seen major improvements thanks to new technologies and innovative designs. Because of these advancements today's archers can shoot with extreme accuracy, at distances much greater than once thought possible. While stretching out shot distances during practice is fun, taking long shots in the field...

  • Deer Hunting in Alabama

    Season Dates (2016): Not available at the time this was published. The Grade: D Overall Alabama stays at a grade of D again this year. The deer population figures remain about the same and there really hasn’t been much to brag about for trophy bucks. However, for hunters just wanting...

  • Introducing Realtree's Deer Hunting Question of the Week

    If you’re reading this, there’s a chance that deer hunting is a way of life for you. At Realtree, it’s a way of life for us, too. That’s why we’re introducing the all-new Realtree Deer Hunting Question of the Week . We want to connect with you, our loyal readers...

  • The Best Backstrap Recipe

    The No. 1 reason why I hunt is for meat . Period. However, I do love to shoot trophy bucks. And I don't apologize for that aspect of my hunting, either. But deer season is still a ways off in most places, and you need something to do between now...

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