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  • Review: Milwaukee Fastback Knife

    Every outdoors-person needs a good knife. While our intended uses differ, the fact remains: a knife is essential equipment, and an all-around model can fill many roles. Milwaukee Tools has introduced several new products into the outdoor market recently, and now comes forward with a great tool for many jobs:...

  • Woman Remains Cool And Collected During Scary Bear Encounter

    Could you have stayed as calm and collected as the woman in this video did during her recent nerve-wracking black bear encounter? I imagine few people could. While hiking down a trail in Burlington, Conn., Stephanie Rivkin ran into these two bears foraging for food beside the trail. The bears...

  • The Right Trigger Pull

    Let me begin by saying I firmly believe that trigger control is the most important factor in accurate shooting. You can get away with a lot of things and still hit your target. Jerking the trigger isn’t one of them. I shot quite a few rifles last Saturday. The lineup...

  • Review: The Glock 40

    It’s the gun I couldn’t wait to get my hands on. The Glock Model 40 made its big debut at the 2015 Shot Show , and it has finally came into my possession…sort of. The gun range I work at received one for demo. It was in the building less...

  • New Hampshire Archery Season for Turkeys and Deer is Super Long

    Imagine, bowhunters, a state where opening day is September 15. Imagine doing it for the two things you love most: whitetails and wild turkeys . Imagine having until December 15 to fill both tags. Well then, you've just found yourself in the state of New Hampshire where you can do...

  • Buffalo Squirrel Dip

    Want a party dish that no one else will bring to the table? The next time you get invited to a potluck style function; whip up a big bowl of this Buffalo Squirrel Dip and be the life of the party. It starts with boiled squirrel, simmered for a couple...

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