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  • Building Turkey Calls and Owl Hooters

    Stu Bristol's self-published book Building Turkey Calls and Owl Hooters is sure to give new and veteran wild turkey hunters something to do in the off-season while looking forward to the next one. Available from Deadly Imposter Game Calls , the comb-bound book (for laying flat while building calls from...

  • 6 Traits Successful Duck Hunters Share

    You probably have a buddy or at least know a guy who seems infallible. He usually returns to the landing with a boat full of birds, and he seems to have the answer to every curveball Mother Nature throws his way. Basically, he’s a darn good duck and goose hunter...

  • The Reasons We Hunt

    I’ve always been asked why I hunt. The answer to that question is both very simple and extremely complex. We hunt because we want to experience what nature has to offer us. We hunt to grow in character as individuals who are a part of a much larger society. We...

  • Homeowner Films As Bear Cub Tries To Jump Through Window

    One bear cub learned a tough lesson about glass as it attempted to jump through a home window in rural New York. In the video, which was posted on YouTube by USA Today , you can hear women scream when the bear launches off a platform and strikes the window,...

  • Reverse Seared E3 Meat Co. Ribeye

    Even the most avid hunters don’t eat wild game at every meal. A few hunters don’t eat it at all, although we are working to change that here at Timber2Table. Add to that the spouses, children, and friends who might want another meat option, and you have a fairly large...

  • Kirsten Godfrey: My Mother's First Turkey Hunt

    Kirsten Godfrey, 24, a serious Kentucky turkey hunter since she was a teenager, killed her first Grand Slam last year. This major accomplishment is even more amazing as she was the only hunter in her family. Self-taught, she learned by doing it, often alone. She watched YouTube videos, read articles,...

  • Turkey Hunter Accidentally Shoots Another Hunter in the Face

    One turkey hunter is lucky to be alive after getting shot in the face by another turkey hunter during a recent turkey hunt in Montgomery County, Ind. in a video news report Fox59.com claims Jeremy Phillips was shot in the face while setting up turkey decoys in a field near...

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    Montana Turkey Hunting

    My 2016 Montana spring turkey season has been blessed. Even though I still have a few tags left to punch, it has been my most productive season yet. As a freelance photographer, my next paycheck rides on my ability to get the shots. Turkeys have always been one of my...

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