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  • The Year of the Giant Morel Mushroom

    If nothing else, 2016 may very well go down as the year of the giant mushroom. And the state of Missouri seems to be the epicenter of freakishly large fungi. Conditions this year have been excellent for the tasty mushroom all over the Midwest, and many foragers are reporting good...

  • Check Out This Video Footage of Alligators Making Unwelcome House Calls

    In two separate incidences, alligators made house calls resulting in some entertaining video footage and wary homeowners. In the YouTube video above, you can watch an alligator casually strolling through the Moncks Corner neighborhood in South Carolina before it walks upon the front porch of a house and then climbs...

  • Kayla Nevius: My First Turkey Hunt

    First turkeys are always pretty special. Kayla Nevius shares her first-time experience with northern California spring gobblers. Here's the story, in her own words, with photos. – Steve Hickoff, Realtree.com

  • How to Save More Fawns

    A newborn fawn lies curled in the tall grass. It doesn’t move, driven by instinct and natural behavior to remain motionless. Its mother, a wary doe, feeds in the meadow a couple hundred yards away. Seconds later, a pair of cunning coyotes stalk through the grass, knowing what time of...

  • In Defense of 'Trash' Ducks

    Some hardcore hunters argue that a duck without a green head is not a duck, even going so far as to call anything but a drake mallard a trash duck. (I often point out that drake shovelers and goldeneyes also have green heads, even though I’m not prepared to argue...

  • Wolves Slowly Kill Big Buck

    I was speechless after watching this video. Honestly, it was difficult to watch, even through a computer screen. Seeing those wolves shred that buck to pieces. Hearing it bawl as they dug deeper into its entrails. That's pretty rough stuff. Personally, I’m all about a quick and humane kill. A...

  • How to Fan a Gobbler

    The best way to kill a stubborn field bird is often to hide behind a turkey fan and crawl to them. Here's how to do it.

  • Wild Turkey Stir Fry with Redbud Seed Pods and Wild Asparagus

    One of my favorite signs of spring is the explosion of magenta-colored blooms from the Eastern Redbud (Cercis Canadensis) across the forest landscape. And not just because they are a nice splash of color after a long, cold winter or the fact that they normally coincide with turkey season. Both...

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