3 Coyote Hunting Vocalizations You Should Know
The Best Times to Kill Monster Bucks
Deer Hunting QOW: Are Rut Tactics Good for Old Bucks?
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  • The Forcing It Deer Hunting Mentality

    As a deer hunter, sometimes I find myself falling into a rut. And it’s usually when I’ve failed to do my homework and effectively scout an area that I want to hunt. The “forcing it” deer hunting mentality creeps up and I try to “make something happen” instead of learning...

  • Chasing November: Hunting Over Kill Plots

    We continue with the beginning of Chasing November , a series brought to you by Bill Winke’s Midwest Whitetail. In this episode, you’ll see Drake Sachsenmaier take a great buck in a kill plot. Also, Bill Winke continues to share his story. Make sure you come back every Monday for...

  • Watch Two Male Rattlesnakes Fight for "Lady Snake"

    One Arizona homeowner was treated to exciting ringside seats for an epic battle between two aggressive male rattlesnakes. The homeowner, Bryan Detwiler, says he filmed the fight late Wednesday night. The two adult male rattlesnakes duked it out for three hours to establish dominance over an area and for the...

  • How to Kill a Longbeard While Fall Turkey Hunting

    Pattern fall longbeards? Scatter them for the calling advantage? Either way, you wait. Check out these tips to get one by the feet. Big gobblers flush far. Sometimes they take their time regrouping, but other instances prove otherwise. Can’t call them in? Can’t wait that long? You can wait for...

  • 3 Coyote Hunting Vocalizations You Should Know

    You can improve your success calling coyotes if you learn to speak their language, and of all the sounds coyotes use to communicate, there are three you should have topmost in your coyote-hunting bag of tricks, according to Realtree Pro Staffer Fred Eichler . These three coyote vocalizations – lone...

  • The Best Times to Kill Monster Bucks

    We all know how sneaky and elusive a wise old buck with extra-thick bases and super-long tines can be during a typical deer season. It’s fair to say that you’re really not dealing with a normal whitetail. This special breed knows how to play the game and will usually disappear...

  • Deer Hunting QOW: Are Rut Tactics Good for Old Bucks?

    In this installment of Realtree's Deer Hunting Question of the Week, Max from Wisconsin is asking about rut tactics and really old bucks. Watch the video above to hear our reply. Each week, we are going to select one reader-submitted question between now and the end of deer season to...

  • Waterfowl Choke Tubes to Try This Season

    If there is one type of hunting that I enjoy the most while hunting with a group of people, it would have to be waterfowl . From sitting in flooded timber shooting Greenheads, or laying in a cut wheat field shooting geese, it's great camaraderie. But along with the camaraderie...

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