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The Top 5 States for Boone & Crockett Elk
5 Steps to a Successful Food Plot
Top 10 Turkey Hunting Mistakes
The 10 Commandments of Public Land Turkey Hunting
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  • The Top 5 States for Boone & Crockett Elk

    Records can sometimes be deceiving. You have to break those records down and analyze them from different angles to see the big picture and get the most accurate analyses. For example, if you just looked at the all-time elk records list for best states, it’d read Arizona, Montana, Utah, Wyoming...

  • Turkey Hunting in Maine

    The last day of this spring's Maine turkey season is June 3, 2017. And of course you're wondering, can you still work a bird this time of the year? Yes, in fact a buddy of mine killed one last spring on the last day of the season. Gobbling birds, one...

  • 5 Steps to a Successful Food Plot

    Food is a driving force of our daily life, and for good reason. After all, we are animals and all animals have to eat. So how does this affect us in hunting the animals we hunt? It really boils down to the food. In wildlife management, food plots are an...

  • The 2017 World Elk Calling Championship Winners

    Elk hunting is a way of life for many. And for the rest, it’s a dream. And the world elk calling championship is a way to celebrate that lifestyle and all those who are great at sounding like this big game animal. The recent event, hosted by the Rocky Mountain...

  • Turkey Hunting in Connecticut

    Yep, a "B" . . . here's why. Less hunting pressure, generous bag limits and public land opportunities make Connecticut a sleeper destination on the Turkey Hunting Nation map. The Nutmeg State offers the opportunity to hunt birds on both private and state land, with specific permits for each. Public...

  • Choosing an Ultimate Waterfowl Hunting Destination

    Mired in the off-season — that is, after duck season , before turkey season and unable to chase light geese — a waterfowler’s mind begins to scheme about the future. Faster boats, better decoy rigs or perhaps a new gun — anything’s up for consideration. But equipment doesn’t necessarily equate...

  • Buck Commander: Meet the Buckmen

    You have those who like to deer hunt. And you have those who love to deer hunt. The Buck Commanders ? They really love to deer hunt. Chances are (highly) likely you know several (or all) of these fellas. But if you don’t, you can read all about them here...

  • Video: Three Deer Trash a Canadian Convenient Store

    I’ve seen a lot of stuff in the deer hunting world. But I’ve never witnessed a whitetail ransack a convenient store. In this video published by The New York Post , three antlerless deer run into a store, proceed to tear the place apart, and then run back outside from...

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