Top 8 States for Non-Resident Deer Hunting
10 Turkey Hunt Savers
The Ultimate Food Plot Plan
All About the Wild Turkey
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  • Reverse Seared E3 Meat Co. Ribeye

    Even the most avid hunters don’t eat wild game at every meal. A few hunters don’t eat it at all, although we are working to change that here at Timber2Table. Add to that the spouses, children, and friends who might want another meat option, and you have a fairly large...

  • Kirsten Godfrey: My Mother's First Turkey Hunt

    Kirsten Godfrey, 24, a serious Kentucky turkey hunter since she was a teenager, killed her first Grand Slam last year. This major accomplishment is even more amazing as she was the only hunter in her family. Self-taught, she learned by doing it, often alone. She watched YouTube videos, read articles,...

  • Turkey Hunter Accidentally Shoots Another Hunter in the Face

    One turkey hunter is lucky to be alive after getting shot in the face by another turkey hunter during a recent turkey hunt in Montgomery County, Ind. in a video news report Fox59.com claims Jeremy Phillips was shot in the face while setting up turkey decoys in a field near...

  • 5 Steps for Waterfowl Doubles, Triples

    Efficient waterfowlers know how to maximize opportunity, like plucking two or more birds from a flock when possible. Sometimes, the stars align, and chances for doubles or even triples seem easy. Usually, however, shooting multiple birds requires forethought, strategy and quick reflexes honed by shotgunning practice. These tips can help...

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    Top 8 States for Non-Resident Deer Hunting

    I remember a time when I dreamt of hunting whitetails in states other than my home state of Kentucky. Don’t get me wrong, I love hunting deer in Kentucky. It’s one of the best destinations in the country to chase big bucks . That said, I wanted to chase deer...

  • Michael Pitts on Shooting Does

    If you've heard one debate about killing does, you've heard 5,000. Well, Michael Pitts, Realtree comedian extraordinaire, brings a fresh twist to the argument. Check out his not-so-serious view on killing does. Are you with Pitts on this one? Go here for more deer hunting stories and how-to's.

  • Rendering Bear Fat

    We love rendered bear fat around here. Like the pioneers and early explorers, we use it for a little bit of everything. Making biscuits or pie crusts? Yep, bear fat is your friend. Need to fry some turkey tenders or rabbit? Try a half inch or so of hot bear...

  • 10 Turkey Hunt Savers

    Use these 10 tactics to save your turkey hunt. 1. BUDDY SYSTEM FOR BIRDS When hunting alone, it's sometimes tough to use locator calls and listen at the same time. To locate spring gobblers better, hunt with a buddy. Have your partner stand away from you while you're making your...

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