Order Now to Receive a Discount on Rifle or Shotgun Camo Dipping

Order Now to Receive a Discount on Rifle or Shotgun Camo Dipping

Dynamic Finishes will camo your rifle or single barrel shotgun in Realtree® Max 1 or Realtree® Max 4 patterns for $30 off its regular dipping price on orders received before April 1, 2013.

Enter coupon code RealtreeMax on your order form: http://www.dynamicfinishes.com/#!form__map/c24vq.

Dynamic Finishes specializes in the application of water transfer films. This process, commonly known as “decorating” in the sporting goods industry, allows application of the Realtree camo patterns to a variety of products. Dynamic Finishes can apply these patterns to aluminum, steel, wood, plastic and many other surfaces. This process is most often used on gun stocks, barrels, scopes, bows, quivers, etc., however, you are not limited to these applications. Dynamic Finishes can also apply patterns to truck rims, motorcycles and automobile trim, game calls and ceiling fans. 

Water transfer printing, also known as hydrographic or camo dipping, is a method of applying Realtree patterns to your firearms and scopes. Before dipping, painters typically apply an appropriate base paint coat to the substrate piece, although some colored plastic parts can be directly immersed.  The decorator then floats a polyvinyl alcohol film (with the graphic image to be transferred) on the water surface of what's called the dip tank.

Then, the decorator sprays a chemical on the film to dissolve it into a liquid and activate the bonding agent. The disassembled gun is lowered into the tank, through the floating ink layer, and the Realtree pattern wraps around and adheres to the part's visible surfaces. Think of the process as a permanent tattoo. The parts then move back into the paint booth where an automotive grade clear coat is applied to protect the design from normal wear and tear, DEET, suntan lotionand gun scrubbers.

Watch the dynamic Finishes decorator transform goose calls into Realtree Max 4 pieces of art in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTiCsN1I7UQ