Big Game Hunting Articles

5 Archery Tips For Instant Results

No archer achieves a state of absolute perfection. There are too many steps in a complicated process and too many details to juggle during each shot. Even the archer with perfect coaching and perfect shooting form must deal with the mental aspects of shooting a bow. You can master the...

8 Reasons Why Your Kids Won't Be Hunters

I’m going to jump right out there and say that I believe the outlook for our hunting heritage is strong. A stone wall also is strong. And a stone wall can be chiseled away until it crumbles and falls. There are a lot of people with chisels out there trying...

Sheep Shape: A Story of Inspiration

If viewer feedback is any indication, the new “Sheep Shape” TV series could be the next big thing in hunting TV shows. Since its June 25 premier on Sportsman Channel, social media has lit up with praise for the show and its cast, but stardom and praise aren’t what the...

When Danger Comes Calling

Spend enough time in the outdoors hunting, especially in the backcountry, and odds are good that you'll eventually find yourself in a less-than-safe situation. Bear attacks, tree stand falls, fast water; the list of dangers are many. The following tales are real. They show us just how quickly things can...

12 Mistakes Men Make When Hunting With Women

Women are joining the hunting ranks at a faster rate than men. But, we ladies still encounter a few problems when it comes to learning the sport. The No.1 problem for women going afield is trying to find places to hunt. The No. 2 problem? You guessed it. It’s you...

10 Mistakes Adults Make When Hunting with Kids

I was looking forward to my first turkey hunt with my two young boys. I’d envisioned a quiet, peaceful morning in the blind while we waited for the birds to show up. I’d already talked with them extensively, and had explained what a privilege going hunting is. I felt sure...

Jobs in the Outdoor Industry: Getting an Internship

It’s been said that working in the hunting business is all about who you know. That’s partially true. Like any other industry, hands-on experience and a network of professional contacts are indispensable in the outdoor industry . Among the fastest ways to get those is through an internship. Although thoughts...

How to Sell Your Hunting Product

The hunting business is thriving, but it takes more than a great product idea to be successful. Check out these tips on how to sell your hunting product from outdoor industry entrepreneurs who started from scratch

Behind the Scenes with Troy Landry

He owns 16 beagles, is an avid deer hunter and makes most of his living through crayfish. He does a bit of alligator hunting on the hit show "Swamp People," too. Check out this behind-the-scenes look at Troy Landry.

Hunt Africa on a Budget

Chances are good you can set up an African plains game hunt for cheaper than a premium elk hunt. Here's how

Behind the Scenes with Melissa Bachman

Melissa Bachman isn’t just another pretty face in camouflage, put in front of the video camera to move the TV ratings needle. Yeah, she’s a good-looking lady, but more than that, she’s a hunter, spending 140 days or more afield every year.

Blue Collar Bulls

The elk hunt of a lifetime doesn’t require a guide or prime private ground. In fact, some of the best elk hunting out there is on public land

Plan a Grizzly Bear Hunt

Hunting brown bears or grizzlies in Alaska may be more accessible than you think—if you can stomach the risk. Learn how to make it happen from a guy who’s killed them with a recurve

Photography Tips for Hunters

Professional photographer advice for great photos in the field—plus, a chance to enter Realtree photo contests and win some great gear!

Make Your Own Hunting Video

Professional hunting video producers for shows like The Crush with Lee and Tiffany share their insight on how to improve your own hunting footage

Tyler Jordan’s Apache Elk

Tyler Jordan may have taken a few days off from school in mid-October to go elk hunting with his dad, but he didn’t miss out on his education. Not only did he take the opportunity to learn about elk, their habitat and habits, but he also learned about Native Americans...

The 20 Percent Club

* Click to enlarge the image The thought of yet another missed opportunity the previous evening boiled through my mind as I pounded my way up the trail in the black, early morning hours. “Was I being too conservative?” I relentlessly asked myself as I made the two-mile hike back...

The Best Bulls of 2008

For most hunters, nothing symbolizes the rugged West quite like a bull elk. Each season tens of thousands of hunters flock to the hills west of the Mississippi just for a chance to see these western icons. It doesn’t matter if you’re chasing their ivory tips through a layer of...