Bowhunting Articles

Shoot Like the Bowhunting Pros

Shooting targets with a bow is one thing. Shooting animals is another. Use these shooting tips from hunting professionals to improve your accuracy in the field

Build the Ultimate Speed Bow

From buying and tuning a new bow to selecting the perfect arrow, here’s how to get blazing arrow speed without losing accuracy

10 Bowhunting Sins

( Editor's Note : This Retro Realtree article was originally published in June of 2011) Bowhunting is never easy. Animal behavior, hunting pressure, food and water supply, and weather can all change on a dime and make things tough. But nothing is more frustrating than letting things within our control...

Bowfishing for the Big Stuff

Carp jump to mind when most bowhunters think of bowfishing . And why not? They’re fun targets, and the shooting is usually fast-paced. Plus it’s an inexpensive sport. However, for those adrenaline junkies at, maybe skewering carp is getting a bit bland. Perhaps tackling critters that can kill you...

Five Steps for Curing Buck Fever

You've waited for this moment all year long.

What Makes a Fast Bow?

Compound bow expert Joe Bell gives us the rundown on the design traits that make up a fast bow

Three Bucks Down with Family’s First Crossbow

Like ma ny fathers, Mick Fry was excited about sharing the deer woods with his children.

The Best Broadhead for the Game

How to choose the best broadhead for the bow you're shooting and the game you're hunting

5 Ways to Gain Speed, Keep Accuracy

Deadly bowhunters strive for shooting consistency and top arrow speed. Here are five tips to help you maximize this combination.

The Ultimate Whitetail Bow

If you were setting up the ultimate whitetail bow, what would it look like? Archery expert Patrick Meitin gives his thoughts.

How to Miss a Whitetail

Big buck. 20 yards. Broadside. You have all the time in the world … and yet your arrow sails over his back. Here’s a look at common reasons why you miss whitetails.

Six Sweet New Bows for 2011

Need a new bow? Hunting season’s here, so you better shop fast. Fortunately, these six Realtree-camo-clad models will suit your needs

Pro Pointers for Bowfishing

Put more rough fish in your boat by shooting the best bowfishing bows, arrows and equipment

Make an Old Bow New Again

Do you need a new bow, or just a few upgrades to the one you already own?

Bows for the Biggest Game

What changes do you need to make to your bow, arrow and broadhead setup for that once-in-a-lifetime big-game hunt?

Expert Blood Trailing

* Click to enlarge the image I knew I was in for trouble the moment I saw the arrow hit. The wild boar was slightly quartering toward me at last check, but in that final instant of triggering the release, things fell apart. The burly-looking pig suddenly stepped into a...

Compound Fingers

Twenty years ago, shooting a compound bow with a fingers tab was the norm and not the exception. Today, of course, the tables have turned. Visit any archery range or 3D competition and the “limited” fingers class is pretty small, sometimes only three or four guys making up the group...

Maximum Bow Performance

* Click to enlarge the image Using my binos to pick apart the expansive Alaskan backcountry, I noticed a glint of antler beam among the sea of tall grass. Moments later, my compact spotting scope told me all I needed to know. A big Sitka blacktail buck was lying down...

11 New Bows From Hoyt!

11 New Bows From Hoyt! Here’s what’s new and noteworthy from the most retooled bow company of 2007! -- Review By Jody Hadachek As 2007 unfolds, the archery world continues its trend of rapid growth. The number of bowhunters and target shooters are increasing every day, and new, more efficient...

1-Day Crossbow Conquest

Blanton took plenty of time to practice. Here he takes aim with his Horton HD 175 crossbow in the blind. image Back in February, Paul Vaicunas, vice president of sales for Horton Crossbows, invited me to participate in their annual pronghorn hunt that takes place in Gillette, Wyoming, at...