Guest Blog: Nate Hosie's Perfect Season

By Tony Hansen writes Brow Tines and Backstrap

Nate Hosie is pretty much an opposite version of me. He's outgoing, charismatic and kills a whole lot of big critters. I like the dude a lot.

Hosie, a member of the HeadHunters TV crew along with Randy Birdsong and Troy Ruiz, had himself a season that dreams are made of. He had nine big game tags to fill in 2012. And he filled every single one of them. And he didn't just punch those tags on average animals. He flat laid down some beasts. So here, in his own words, is the rundown to perfection. -- TH

Colorado Elk:
Nate Hosie with his Colorado elk.The was my first time ever chasing elk, and it was one of the most physically demanding hunts that I and producer Stephen Phillips have ever been on! When I buried the pins up on that big Colorado 6x6 everything was in slow motion! The arrow found its mark and I had my first elk ever. An incredible hunt!


Kansas Whitetail:

Hosie and his Kansas whitetail.I had only three days to try to get it done and was fortunate enough to put down one heck of a Kansas brute on the second evening!


Wyoming Whitetail:

Nate's Wyoming whitetail.My first time out to the Solitude Ranch, and it was unreal to take such a stud of an 8-point. I was using a Barnett crossbow on this hunt. What a blast!

Oklahoma Whitetail:

Hosie's Oklahoma buck.I hunted my tail off in Oklahoma. Sat five straight days without ever seeing a deer. But on the last evening of the hunt  I was finally able to line up the crosshairs up on a nice Oklahoma 8-pointer!


South Dakota Mule Deer:

Nate's South Dakota muley.This was one of the most wicked hunts of my life! After a three-and-a-half-hour stalk, producer Stephen Phillips and I got right up in the bedroom like a bunch of new-age Power Rangers and put down my first mule deer ever! He was as wide as a dump truck and I was as proud as could be!


Wisconsin Whitetail:

A Wisconsin whitetail for Nate Hosie.We dealt with warm weather all week. On the last day of the season we grunted this bluff-runnin' cheesehead right to our tree!


Illinois Whitetail:

Illinois buck and Nate Hosie.We were in a unique situation on this deer! He was coming up out of a big grass draw which made it difficult to get a treestand hung without busting him. We took a chance and got into a shooting house with slots to shoot a bow and were fortunate enough to have him come up out of the draw bumping does. He worked his way right past us and offered a shot just under 40 yards with the Mission Ballistic.


Illinois Whitetail:

Nate Hosies' Illinois gun season buck.By far one of the coolest deer I have ever taken! Double split g2s on the last five minutes of good camera light on the last day! This deer once again proved to Stephen Phillips and I that it's not over until it's over! Truly blessed to take such an incredible deer!


Louisiana Whitetail:

Hosie's Louisiana crossbow buck.This is a hunt we look forward to every year! I harvested one of biggest bucks to date there last year, so I was pumped to get back in the swamps! On our second night we had this big, old browless 6-point these boys knew all too well come out on us and it was time to put the crossbow to work!


It has truly been a year I will never forget! To be successful on all tags for HeadHunters TV has been nothing shy of a blessing. However, the success is not always in the kill. It's in the memories and friendships that I have made along the way. I am proud to be a hunter and beyond appreciative of everyone who followed and supported the streak this year!

Thank you and I wish all of you the best in the timber. You're appreciated more than I can ever tell you!