* Eqwader™ in Realtree MAX-4 ® CAMO pattern

Next to a trusted shotgun, a solid pair of waders is probably the most important piece of equipment a waterfowl hunter can own. Drake Waterfowl’s innovative Eqwader™ Wading System, available in Realtree MAX-4 HD® is the best built and most thoughtfully designed wader ever to hit the water. Every feature is backed by years of hunting experience and designed to work as a system with Drake’s apparel. Every pocket and design feature has a special purpose to make your time in the field more successful and enjoyable.

When matched with the Eqwader Hybrid System clothing, the Eqwader Wading System truly completes the waterfowl hunter’s wardrobe. Our Eqwader clothing line delivers maximum weather protection where you need it, matched with temperature-regulating fleece below the waders.  The Eqwader Wading System completes the puzzle by protecting the rest of your body from harsh weather and tough terrain, while also supplying the Instinctive Features™ that offer the most efficient use of your time and energy.  Available in three weights.

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