T/C Venture™ Predator Rifle

Manufactured by Thompson/Center Arms


In the field, you’re the predator and the prey will never see you coming. The T/C Venture™ Predator hunting rifle takes predator hunting to the extreme—extreme accuracy, extreme concealment. Featuring a 22" light fluted barrel and T/C’s 5R rifling, the accuracy is unmatched in a rifle priced so affordably. The bell style bolt handle makes for quick, comfortable follow up cycling and the nylon three round clip reduces weight in the field. Venture Predator features Realtree MAX-1™ camo for the best in seclusion technology. With features like this, an affordable price and an MOA guarantee, the coyotes don’t have a chance.

• Hogue Rubber Inlays -- For superior grip.
• Weather Shield® Bolt Handle -- For quick cycling of rounds.
• Adjustable trigger – The trigger is externally adjustable between 3.5 and 5 lbs of pull with minimal creep and overtravel.