Rack Report: Biggest Bow Kill of 2012?

By Brian Strickland


Location: Stafford, Kansas

Weapon: 90

Buck: 246-inch non-typical (rough score only)
Hunter: Jay Price
Location: Southeast Kansas
Time of Year: Early October
Weapon: Hoyt Trykon XL Compound Bow and Rage Broadheads

Jay Price and his giant Kansas whitetail.

Kansas resident Jay Price was a little nervous as he slipped on his camo, grabbed his bow and began easing toward his impromptu ground blind. His jitters were understandable considering he and good buddy Rick Arnall had witnessed a Sunflower State monster, as well as another gagger buck, feeding in a small hayfield the previous evening barely 50 yards from his ambush location. Yeah, his anticipation was running full-throttle.

Jay has called Kansas home for nearly a decade, and over the years he has managed to arrow several Kansas and Oklahoma whoppers topping 140 to 150 inches. But when he saw the 200-plus-inch buck lazily feeding in the hayfield with another dozen or so deer, he knew he was looking at a buck of a different caliber.

“We were 800 to 900 yards away when we first saw him,” explained Jay, “and he still looked huge compared to the other deer on the field, even to the 160-inch 10 that was with him.”

Jay had only hunted this particular 20-acre farm a handful of times the previous season and had only seen a handful of deer during those visits.

He never saw a deer that first evening while hiding on the ground beneath the hedgerow tree. He tried the same strategy the following morning, but it produced the same result. Disappointed that the buck may have only been passing through the area, but grateful just to have seen such a specimen, Jay decided to hang a treestand after that morning hunt closer to the field’s corner.

He arrived back at the farm around 4 p.m. that day, and after dousing his rubber boots and clothing with both Tink’s 69 and #1 Doe-P scent lures, he headed to his stand for the evening vigil. Hoping the buck was still in the area, he continually scanned up and down the hedgerow and hayfield looking for movement. But the only activity he saw was a family of skunks that apparently had a home close to his stand. Jay’s discouragement increased as the evening shadows lengthened and the sun set without a hint of a whitetail movement.

Having pretty much lost hope that he would even see a deer that evening, he started making plans to exit his 20-foot perch. At 6:45 p.m., he stood to leave. But he caught movement behind his stand. Noticing a deer’s leg first, and then an enormous set of antlers through the screen of thick brush, Jay knew in an instant it was a big buck.

“I couldn’t tell for sure which buck it was,” he exclaimed, “but I knew he was bigger than anything I had ever shot!” He grabbed his bow and brought the string to his cheek as the buck hunched over, doctoring a scrape. Jay took the shot at 23 yards, and upon impact the buck flipped forward, got back to his feet and bounded through the hedge row.

Following the paintbrush-like blood trail, Jay easily found his Kansas surprise. He was obviously dumbfounded. The moose-like rack was enormous, standing more than 2 feet tall with 7-inch bases, 25-inch main beams and up to 17 inches of palmated mass in one measurement. It’s uncertain just where this buck will end up after the 60-day drying period, but it will definitely be a top contender in the Pope & Young record book this season.   

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