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10 Off-Season Deer Hunting Tips from Heartland Bowhunter

Editor's note: No. We can’t hunt deer right now. And dang it if it ain’t three or four months until deer season. But there’s still plenty to be done between now and then. The Heartland Bowhunter guys understand that. They get it. Maybe that’s why they kill a lot of...

7 Pieces of Archery Gear That Will Improve Your Accuracy

Bowhunting is a growing sport. Men, women and kids are flocking to the archery scene. And for good reason, too. It’s fun. It’s educational. And it’s a way to put some healthy meat on the table. My question — who wouldn’t want to do that? And for those of you...

5 Deer Hunters Who Tick Everyone Off

Deer hunters, as a whole, are some of the finest people you’ll ever meet. They are passionate about the game they pursue and truly care about the natural resources that support their outdoor endeavors. When deer hunters get together, whether they’ve known each other 10 years or 10 minutes, good...

How to Help Your Kids Love the Outdoors

What is the secret that turns boys and girls to outdoorsfolk? Is it the area of the country they’re raised in? Nah, don’t think so. The food they eat, or vitamins they take? Probably not. The video games or the devices they play them on? Definitely not. In the end,...

Small Game Hunting with Muzzleloaders

Is a .32-caliber black powder rifle in your squirrel hunting future?

What You Should Know About Lyme Disease

I don’t want to scare you or discourage you, and I am certainly not trying to talk you out of going turkey hunting, but Lyme disease is serious business. The reported cases are increasing at an alarming rate, up from 4,000 in 1994 to over 30,000 a year in 48...

Photo Gallery: Weird Looking Turkeys and Odd Bird Behavior

If you chase wild turkeys long enough with a camera, there will be images that can only be categorized as weird oddities, maladies and/or misfits. The following collection illustrates some of the more unique feathered characters I’ve been blessed to encounter.

5 Characteristics of a Bullet-Proof Deer Stand Location

Quality treestand setups can make or break a deer hunt. They can determine whether or not it’s the hunter or whitetail that gets the last laugh. And now is the time to make sure it’s you who does. Work hard now. Find success later. Effort, meet satisfaction.

10 Ways to Increase Your Effective Kill Range

As bowhunters , we’re constantly working to hone our craft. And when we aren’t, we should be. It’s easy to let it slide. Busy lives often make archers who practice an endangered species. Nonetheless, it’s important we try to get better. Other people might not have that problem. Maybe they...

Baiting Big Game

Thousands of hunters across North America rely on baiting for deer , black bears and hogs as a perfectly legal hunting practice. Detractors are quick to call baiting a “lazy” style of hunting, but that's simply not true. Thing is, I’ve been a food-plotter since I was old enough to...

The Meaning of Deer Hunting: Hunting Truth in Life

Editor's note: The following is a true hunting/life story sent in by loyal Realtree.com visitor Coleman Grimmett. With a heavy heart, Coleman still wanted to share these life-changing events that are sometimes difficult to talk about. In his words, "These events have changed my life forever, for the better, and...

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How to Plant a Food Plot

I’m a deer hunter . Deer hunting is my greatest priority behind God, family, and friends. And it’s because of that undeniable truth that I plant food plots. I want to do everything in my power to help the whitetails I hunt. And I want to do everything I can...