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  • Turkey Hunting Nation: Top 3 Turkey Hunting States in May

    Spring turkey hunting season is never long enough. These three turkey hunting states will give you the chance to finish out the roughly three-month campaign with a bang. Yep, there are other states, for sure – many of us turkey hunt these places, too. When pressed to only select three,...

  • The Chronicles: Bowhunting Osceola Turkeys Up Close

    Brian Stephens bowhunts Osceola gobblers. Check out the ScoutLook hunting and fishing apps here . Go here for more Realtree turkey hunting . Follow us on Facebook .


How to Kill Pressured Turkeys

Public land. Late season. Mute gobblers. We all encounter these problems. Here’s how to pull out the stops and tag a longbeard that won’t cooperate.

The Chronicles: Turkey Decoy Placement Tips

We're still coming at you with the all-new digital turkey hunting series called The Chronicles . Make sure you check out this week’s episode. It’s loaded with turkey decoying tips and tactics. Click here for more turkey hunting articles, galleries and videos. Follow us on Facebook .

How to Improve Your Hunting Land

After weeks and months of sweat equity, you will eventually begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. After many long hours of cutting brush, burning, tilling food plots, planting fruit trees and fertilizing natural forage, your final product is ready for you to reap the benefits...

Why You Should Sit in the Shadows While Turkey Hunting

Watch this video to see why you should sit in the shadows while turkey hunting. Go here for more Realtree turkey hunting . Follow us on Facebook .

How to Roost Turkeys Like a Pro

Do you really know how to roost turkeys ? These deadly strategies for both fly-down and fly-up hunts can help you bag your next gobbler

The Chronicles: Bowhunting Turkeys in Florida

Are you a turkey bowhunting junky? We have good news for you. We're introducing the all-new digital turkey hunting series called The Chronicles . Make sure you come back each week for new webisodes packed with hard-hitting turkey hunting footage. Click here for more turkey hunting articles, galleries and videos...

Turkey Hunting the Evening Shift

Your step-by-step guide to turkey hunting in the afternoon

Hear More Gobbles While Turkey Hunting

The gobble of the wild turkey is one of the most unique sounds in nature. To the experienced turkey hunter, there is no other sound like it. To the novice, it can be hard to discern, especially at a distance. Even harder to detect are the more subtle sounds made...

Top 5 Merriam's Turkey Hunting States

Some turkey hunters say Merriam's are easy. Not in my experience. Spring snows are often factors. High altitude. Dangerous cats. Birds that walk miles from the roost. Steep mountain climbs up skinny elk and deer trails. You earn it. Oh, you can arrange for easy hunts. Chip shots. Outfitters, eager...

5 Tips to Kill More Turkeys on the Ground with a Bow

Bowhunting turkeys has been around for a very long time. But a load of No. 5s upside the head is still the preferred method by most. And rightfully so. There’s nothing quite like seeing a turkey’s head roll. That said, there are a lot of people getting into bowhunting turkeys...

Do You Know Your Turkey Hunting Mouth Calls?

A look at the most popular mouth-call cuts for turkey hunting Double Cut W-Cut Bat Wing Split-V Cutter Ghost Cut __________________________________________________________________________ Some guys enjoy turkey call history and trivia. They follow the custom call circuit. They make their own wingbone yelpers. They display calls under glass. That's not me. I...

The First Turkey Hunting Crossbow Grand Slam

Our group was enjoying a midday break in Osceola hunting camp when a couple locals rolled in and struck up a conversation with the camp owner, barely within earshot. I paid little attention until I heard a name, then spun around and asked, “Marvin? Marvin Hartley?” At the same time...