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    Cool Bowhunting Gear at the NWTF Convention

    First off, did you go to the NWTF Convention in Nashville this year? If not, you missed one heckuva party. More than 52,000 hunters like you attended the big shindig last weekend. It was a great time with lots of like-minded individuals. If you didn't get to attend, see our...

  • How-To Video Tips for Bowhunting Turkeys with Kirsten Godfrey

    We caught up with avid turkey hunter Kirsten Godfrey at the recent NWTF Convention. She shared some how-to tips for bowhunting turkeys. Go here for more Realtree turkey hunting . Follow us on Facebook . Bonus Read : Kirsten Godfrey's Turkey Hunting Grand Slam on a Budget


Realtree Video: Montana Decoy's New Fanatic XL Reaper Decoy

We caught up with Montana Decoy and Sarah Weaver at the NWTF Convention to learn more about their new Fanatic XL . MSRP: $79.99. As always, first check to see if this trending tactic is legal in your state. Go here for more Realtree turkey hunting . Follow us on Facebook .

Hunting Giant Red stags in Argentina with Ian Harford | Part 2

Day Two of hunting Giant Red Stags in Argentina – Once again we had an incredibly early start. Following the previous days unsuccessful stalk, the plan for today was to explore a completely different part of the estate that hadn’t seen any hunters for a while or this trip. The...

Realtree Turkey Hunting Tip of the Week: When You Should Shoot a Jake

We were a half-hour late for heading to the airport, but gobblers were fired up and coming. The Kentucky hunt had been great. I'd killed a beautiful longbeard early on, watched buddies take others, and had one tag left. We were a half-hour late for heading to the airport, but...

Realtree Video: New Primos Turkey Hunting Calls for 2017

We caught up with Jake Edson at the 2017 NWTF Convention to learn more about two new Primos turkey calls for the coming season. Check out our Realtree video as I run some clucks, purrs and yelps on the new Primos Hensanity . Go here for more Realtree turkey hunting...

Realtree Video: The Tenzing TV14 Turkey Vest Pack with Seat

We're just coming off a fun and productive visit to the 2017 NWTF Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. Checking out all the gear, and of course plenty of talk about the coming spring turkey season, were priorities. We can't wait for opening day . . . In this video, Realtree Pro-Staffer...

7 Tips for Turkey Hunting with Kids

The bulk of my time in the turkey woods these days is spent in the company of one or more of my kids. I still enjoy time alone in the woods, but sharing a love for the outdoors with them is a lot more fun. Trouble is, in today’s fast-paced...

Water Buffalo Hunting in Argentina With Clare Harford

We return to the beautiful hilltops of Rincon de Luna Lodge in the Cordoba province of Argentina, for another epic hunting adventure. Realtree Global Girl, Clare Harford has her sights set on water buffalo. The day started early as the team headed out before sunrise. This wasn't going to be...

The New Strut Commander Ole Scratch Turkey Call

Realtree's Steve Hickoff talks with the Strut Commander crew. They're looking at the brand-new Ole Scratch turkey pot call. What calls do you use? Let us know in the comments below. And stay tuned for more coverage from the 2017 NWTF Convention. Click here for more turkey hunting articles and...

Winchester's New Long Beard XR 20-Gauge Turkey Load

Realtree's Steve Hickoff talked with Winchester at the 2017 NWTF Convention. They recently came out with the brand-new Long Beard XR in a 20-gauge offering. Check out the video above and tell us what you think about the new product. Click here for more turkey hunting articles and videos. Follow...

The X: Snow Goose Hunting

The spring conservation-order season is in full swing, and the guys at Fowled Reality are on the front lines. Enjoy this full-length snow goose hunting video (and check out that spread). Click here for more Realtree waterfowl hunting content. And check us out on Facebook .

5 Truths of Bowhunting Hogs

When it comes to the subject of hunting and patterning wild hogs , there is much conjecture as to what is fact and what is fiction. The sport of hog hunting has grown much during the past decade, and to those of us deeply involved with the sport, it is...

5 Things You Need to Know About Bowhunting Turkeys

Watch contributor Patrick Meitin's excellent video on bowhunting shot placement for turkeys. View it again if you already have, and on a regular basis. Memory, both muscle and mental, are essential for bowhunting turkeys effectively. – S.H. When another hunter asks me if I've bowhunted much, I always reply:...