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    Predator Hunting Guns from the 2017 SHOT Show

    Predator hunters are a breed of outdoorsmen who love their toys — maybe even more than deer hunters and waterfowlers. And rightfully so. There are plenty of them out there to take to the woods and test out on coyotes, bobcats and other unsuspecting game. That’s why we walked the...

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    2017 SHOT Show: Gun Cases and Slings

    Sometimes we have a gun because it’s pretty. Other times, it’s because it’ll serve a purpose in our hunting and shooting endeavors. Regardless of which reason, we still want to protect them and keep our guns operating smoothly. Gun cases and slings go a long way in doing that because...


ATA Show: New Trail Cameras, Food Plot Seed and Attractants

I’ve been a trail camera junkie for seven or eight years now. I run a lot of them because I see the unparalleled advantage they provide. And in states where it’s legal, planting food plots and providing attractants can help get deer in front of those trail cameras — even...

ATA Video: New Nikon Optics

Optics are most certainly a vital component of a successful hunt. In most cases, having a set of binoculars and/or rangefinder can mean the difference between a filled and unfilled tag. Check out Nikon’s new line of products. Check out more of our bowhunting and deer hunting articles and videos...

ATA Video: Trophy Ridge React Pro Sight

We always love it when new camo toys are released to the public. Because just as it means for you, it means we get to play with them. The latest from Trophy Ridge — the React Pro Sight. Check out more of our bowhunting and deer hunting articles and videos...

ATA Video: Realtree EZ Hangers

Do you hunt much? Always looking for a place to hang your bow or backpack while in the treestand? Look no more. I introduce to you the Realtree EZ Hanger product line. Check out more of our bowhunting and deer hunting articles and videos. Follow us on Facebook .

ATA Show Video: LiT Cooler in Realtree Xtra Green

This week Realtree visited the 2017 ATA Show in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our coverage has included broadheads, vertical bows, compound bows and more, including new turkey hunting gear, and the best turkey hunting vest I've seen so far this year . This LiT Cooler in Realtree Xtra Green will appeal...

ATA Show: The Best New Bows for 2017

Bows are what make the archery world go ‘round. It’s as simple as that. Without them, the heritage that encompasses the bowhunting lifestyle wouldn’t exist. That said, we always look forward to the latest bows each year. And being as many of you couldn’t personally attend the 2017 ATA Show...

2017 ATA Show: New Bow Cases and Slings

Those who love to bowhunt, love their gear. It’s just that simple. And for most, they do what’s necessary to protect that gear, too. And we all love convenience. So check out these bow cases and slings that are brand new for 2017. Check out more of our deer hunting...

Tips for Gun Stock Replacement

When it comes to the rifle or shotgun that every hunter carries, there are some upgrades that could possibly turn that standard firearm into a greater firearm or better performer in the field. I’m not knocking wood (pun intended) but one upgrade is a synthetic stock. These stocks tend to...

Red Stag Stalking in Sicily

Equipped with his Voere LBW take down .308win calibre Austrian rifle and wearing Realtree Max-4 camouflage clothing, Realtree International Pro-Team member, Lucas Micallef gives a breakdown of his equipment for his recent trip to Sicily where he was stalking red stags.

5 Steps to Long-Range Rifle Accuracy

It seems like every rifle shooter suddenly wants to be an “American Sniper.” We used to think we were real riflemen when younger, taking the occasional mule deer or pronghorn at 400-plus yards. Though we practiced obsessively, we really were stretching things with the light rounds we were shooting then...

How to Survive Hunting Camp

By: Steve Hickoff Camps always have a set of unspoken rules, etiquette if you will, that reflect the practices and forms prescribed by social convention or by authority. It's a pecking order thing. No matter where you lay your head in camp after a long day of fishing or hunting,...

Choosing a Release

A release aid plays a huge role in executing a shot with bowhunting gear. It’s the piece of equipment that connects the shooter to their bow and arguably the one that will become the most personal to them. While upgrading bows or trying a new style of broadhead is somewhat...