Small Game Hunting Videos

How to Skin a Squirrel in 1 Minute

Do you like to squirrel hunt? How fast can you skin a squirrel? editor Will Brantley demonstrates a fast and easy method that'll even work on the toughest old fox squirrels

A New Way To Skin a Squirrel

There is something about cleaning squirrels that gets guys like editor Will Brantley all fired up. Particularly when his "How To Skin A Squirrel in a Minute" video, that has been the long-standing champion of squirrel-cleaning videos, faces a serious challenger. And that challenger is this one from Iowa's...

Timber 2 Table: How to Skin a Rabbit Without a Knife

Rabbits are among the most popular small game animals in the world. They’re great eating, too. Rabbits are very easy—if a bit messy—to clean. Cleaning them, of course, starts with skinning them. And in this Timber 2 Table video, Kentucky rabbit hunter Ryan McCafferty demonstrates how to skin a rabbit...