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    12 Muzzleloaders from the 2017 SHOT Show

    Muzzleloaders are really popular right now. All of the new technology being poured into them has truly improved the performance of modern muzzleloaders. That’s why we’ve been finding all of them that we can here at the 2017 SHOT Show. In the gallery below you’ll find awesome models from Thompson/Center,...

  • Video: Thompson/Center Muzzleloaders at the 2017 SHOT Show

    There just isn’t much quite like hunting big game — especially whitetails — with a smoke pole. There’s just something about taking a muzzleloader to the woods that feels right. That’s why Thompson/Center is offering some sweet new products. Check out what TC has new for 2017 in the video...


Video: CVA Muzzleloaders at SHOT Show

Muzzleloaders have come a long way in the last 20 years — even the last 10 years for that matter. The technological advances companies like CVA are making are incredible, and they’re getting more people in the field because of it. Check out what CVA has new for 2017 in...

Predator Hunting Guns from the 2017 SHOT Show

Predator hunters are a breed of outdoorsmen who love their toys — maybe even more than deer hunters and waterfowlers. And rightfully so. There are plenty of them out there to take to the woods and test out on coyotes, bobcats and other unsuspecting game. That’s why we walked the...

Video: Carhartt at the 2017 SHOT Show

Are you into new hunting clothes? Like the heritage Carhartt brings to the table? Then check out some of its new hunting clothing and apparel. Click here for more deer hunting articles and videos. Follow us on Facebook .

Video: Frogg Toggs Waders at SHOT Show

Need a new pair of waders? Maybe yours has a hole in 10 different places and is leaking like nobody’s business? Check out this new set from Frogg Toggs. Click here for more waterfowl hunting articles and videos. Follow us on Facebook .

A Post-Rut Monster Buck

Bowhunter Blaine Lotz first learned of a world-class buck roamed his property on July 8, 2016. “His rack wasn’t fully developed, but he definitely stood out,” Lotz said. “My trail cameras captured thousands of images of another shooter non-typical buck and him together.” Trail-camera images of the giant subsided on...

Video: How to Lure a Buck Away from an Estrus Doe

Sometimes you have to take chances in life. Deer hunting is no different. Oftentimes it’s those hunters who aren’t afraid to try something aggressive or different who are most successful. Many deer hunters don’t realize just how vocal whitetails are. In fact, they’re very vocal — especially in areas where...

ATA Show: New Trail Cameras, Food Plot Seed and Attractants

I’ve been a trail camera junkie for seven or eight years now. I run a lot of them because I see the unparalleled advantage they provide. And in states where it’s legal, planting food plots and providing attractants can help get deer in front of those trail cameras — even...

Weird Deer Hunting Gear You've Probably Never Seen

We recently walked the aisles of the 2017 ATA Show in Indianapolis, Indiana. And as you might have suspected, we ran into some products that made us raise an eyebrow (or two). Not that they don’t have they’re purpose or that they don’t work. I'm sure they do. But they...

New Deer Hunting Gear and Apparel from the ATA Show

I’m a diehard deer hunter. It’s my No. 1 passion aside from God and family. It’s what I live for. And when the new products emerge for the year, you better believe I get a little giddy. We’ve already covered the big ticket ATA items like compounds , crossbows and...

ATA Video: New Nikon Optics

Optics are most certainly a vital component of a successful hunt. In most cases, having a set of binoculars and/or rangefinder can mean the difference between a filled and unfilled tag. Check out Nikon’s new line of products. Check out more of our bowhunting and deer hunting articles and videos...

ATA Video: Trophy Ridge React Pro Sight

We always love it when new camo toys are released to the public. Because just as it means for you, it means we get to play with them. The latest from Trophy Ridge — the React Pro Sight. Check out more of our bowhunting and deer hunting articles and videos...

ATA Video: Realtree EZ Hangers

Do you hunt much? Always looking for a place to hang your bow or backpack while in the treestand? Look no more. I introduce to you the Realtree EZ Hanger product line. Check out more of our bowhunting and deer hunting articles and videos. Follow us on Facebook .