Angry Women Steal and Run Over Hunter’s Trophy Buck

By Stephanie Mallory writes The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Two angry women ran over a hunter's trophy 8-pointer in an effort to break its antlers.Menasha, Wis., resident Kelly Sokel had just killed the biggest buck of his life: a 175-pound 8-pointer with a 19 1/2-inch spread. He wanted to do what many a successful hunter does in such a scenario: stop by the local tavern to show off his buck and celebrate. Thing is, while he was there, he got into an argument with two women. I can't find any information on what, exactly, the argument was about. But it was evidently a doozy.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. You've heard that saying. And in this story, it was two scorned women, and they decided to take their fury out on Kelly Sokel's buck -- with their car. According to, the two women have been fined $2,150 each for stealing a freshly killed deer last fall and then running over it with their car for the purpose of breaking its antlers.

While Sokel was in the tavern, the two women pulled the buck out of his truck and began running it over. It didn't go quite as planned. The deer was ruined, but it got caught under their car and was dragged down the road for some distance. Upon realizing the deer was stuck under their car, the scorned women called a friend who helped them throw the dead buck into the river.

During all of this, Sokel was in the tavern regaling his friends with the story about how he tagged his nice buck. When someone came in and told him his deer was gone, he didn’t believe him until running outside to see for himself. He called the police, which referred him to the DNR. After a week of interviews and investigation, citations were issued. The two women and the man who helped throw the deer in the river all pled guilty/no contest this month. The women were fined for “larceny of wild game.” The man was issued a $263.50 ticket for dumping a deer in public property.

After hearing that his deer was at the bottom of the river, Sokel and his son tried finding it to no avail. After two months, the partially decomposed deer washed up onto some rocks. A train engineer who’d heard about the incident called the DNR, which contacted Sokel. Sokel, who had half of the rack at home, was glad to retrieve what remained of the antlers, but was disappointed to lose the venison. He hopes to piece the rack together and have it mounted this summer. 

So there you go. This is about the most bizarre deer theft stories I’ve ever heard. Any guesses at why the women were mad enough at Sokel to take it out on his deer? Do you think their punishment fits the crime?