Helicopter Pilot Blows Deer Across Frozen Lake to Shore

By Stephanie Mallory writes The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

One Nova Scotia helicopter pilot gets the prize for thinking outside of the box. When a deer and her fawn got stranded on treacherously thin ice in a Canadian harbor, rescue workers had little hope for saving them. Walking out onto the ice to retrieve the deer was too risky.

Watching the deer slip and slide on the ice, a helicopter pilot with Nova Scotia Natural Resources came up with a brilliant idea. He decided to try to blow the deer to shore using the downdraft from the helicopter’s rotors.

As the helicopter approached the deer, the fawn managed to make it to dry land, but the doe couldn't even stand. After repeatedly crashing through the ice into the freezing water of Antigonish Harbour, the doe was exhausted and could not keep her footing on the slippery surface.

The helicopter hovered feet above the doe as the wind from its blades began pushing her toward shore. The doe struggled a first, but she eventually relaxed and let the force of the wind push her across the icy lake.

Once she hit dry land, a DNR officer and the pilot helped her to her feet and sent her on her way. She was spotted with her fawn later that day.

The footage of the rescue has gone viral. I thought for certain, this was the first time such a rescue had ever been attempted, but when searching for this video on YouTube, I came across several other videos of animals stranded on ice being pushed to shore in such a way.

So, watch the video and tell me what you think. Pretty cool, huh?