Public Approval of Hunting Has Increased

By Stephanie Mallory writes The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

A recent survey reports 79 percent of the American public approves of hunting.Looks like PETA and other anti-hunting organizations are falling down on their jobs. A recent survey reported by the National Shooting Sports Foundation shows that hunting has the approval of 79 percent of the American public. According to data compiled by Responsive Management, an independent research firm, this increase marks the highest level of support for hunting since 1995.

Responsive Management is still reviewing survey results to better understand why approval has increased. 

Mark Damian Duda, executive director of Responsive Management, says, “Approval of hunting among Americans is fairly stable and bounces between 73 and 79 percent. The reasons for this increase are still unclear, but it is probably related to the increase in hunting and shooting participation.”

Duda adds, “Since 2006, hunting participation has increased by 9 percent while shooting participation has increased 18 percent since 2009. Other studies we have conducted on public opinion on hunting show that the strongest correlation for approval of hunting is knowing a hunter – over and above demographic variables or anything else. With the increased number of hunters in the field and sport shooters at the range, it is possible that this is being reflected in this uptick in support for hunting.”

Responsive management surveyed 1000 Americans 18 years old and older. More than half (52 percent) of those surveyed strongly approve of hunting, while 12 percent disapprove of hunting. Another 8 percent neither approve nor disapprove (total does not equal 100 percent due to rounding).

I believe mainstream hunting shows like Duck Dynasty are having a positive impact as well. Topping cable viewership with more than 8 million viewers, Duck Dynasty is no doubt influencing the general population. Many of my non-hunting friends enjoy watching the show, which gives them a glimpse into the world of the hunter and dispells preconceived notions, while providing family friendly entertainment.

So, why do you think the American public’s approval of hunting has increased?