Realtree on the Slopes

By Stephanie Mallory writes The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

This young lady prefers her Realtree camo bibs to traditional ski bibs.I just returned from a great skiing/snowboarding trip to Winter Park, Colo., with my husband, Brett, and our two boys, Ethan, 8, and Ransom, 4. And, although no one was hunting on the ski slopes, I saw Realtree camo everywhere I turned.

During my annual trips to the slopes, I always enjoy checking out the latest and greatest in ski clothing and gear. As always, the mountainside was dotted with people in brightly-colored jackets and pants, with crazy-looking toboggans and wildly designed helmets. But this year, I noticed more Realtree-clad skiers and snowboarders on the mountain than in years past. I also saw numbers of folks toting Realtree camo accessories, such as backpacks, toboggans or gloves, in addition to their colorful ski apparel.

Curious as to why these folks chose their camo clothing and accessories over traditional ski apparel, I stopped to talk to a few of them. One gentleman told me he likes to wear his waterfowl-hunting jacket while skiing because it's as warm and waterproof as any ski jacket he could buy. The other camo-clad skiers echoed his comments. Why go out and spend extra money on expensive ski jackets and pants when your cold-weather hunting gear works just as well, if not better?

This Realtree-clad skier waits for the ski lift to take him to the top of the mountain.Check out these pics that I took of various camo-clad skiers as they prepared to board the ski lifts. Do any of you like to ski or snowboard? Do you wear your Realtree camo when participating in snow sports or other activities?This guy has on his favorite waterfowl jacket claiming it's ideal for skiing as well.