Who Gave You Your First Gun?

By Stephanie Mallory writes The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

We celebrated my boys’ September birthdays last weekend with a Wild West birthday party. Approximately 30 little cowboys and cowgirls attended and enjoyed the festivities, such as the sack race, three-legged race and the obstacle course we set up in our yard. Our boys had a ton of fun and received all types of great birthday presents, but nothing put a smile on their faces like the gift they got from theMy boys check out their first rifles given to them by my father.ir grandfather.

My father, James Davis (Pawpaw), gave me my first gun, a .22 Browning, when I was a young child, and he wanted to do the same for his grandsons. He presented them each with a Remington Model 66 .22 rifle before their party. We placed the guns on their beds and called them into their room to see their new gifts. Both boys just stood there, staring down at the rifles in amazement. They each gave Pawpaw a big hug and begged him to take them shooting right away, which he promised to do in the coming weeks. They can’t wait, and I can’t wait to get out there with them.

My dad introduced me to shooting and hunting at a young age. I was only 2 years old the first time he took me to the woods. He instilled in me a love for the outdoors that still exists today. Not only do I enjoy outdoor sports as a hobby, but I turned my passion for the outdoors into a career. He had no idea our trips to the woods and the lake throughout my childhood would shape my entire future.

I’m excited to see how my boys’ love for the outdoors will evolve. My youngest son, Ransom, who just turned 5, shows a little more enthusiasm for hunting than my older son, Ethan, who just turned 9. Ransom can’t wait to shoot his first deer. Ethan just wants to shoot at targets. Both are fine with me. I just hope we can enjoy the outdoors as a family, just like my dad and I did when I was a child.

In addition to my boys, I also have twin girls who just turned 3. Pawpaw is already planning on giving them their first guns as well. I hope all four of my children will cherish the guns given to them by Pawpaw and will one day pass them on to their children, along with a love for the outdoors.

So, tell me about your first gun. Who gave it to you? Do you still have it?