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Some New Turkey Hunting Gear from the 2017 ATA Show

By author of Turkey Blog with Steve Hickoff

Early Looks at New Knight & Hale and Hunters Specialties Products

Bows. Arrows. Blinds. All this, and even new turkey hunting gear.

We're in Indianapolis, Indiana at the 2017 ATA Show, meeting with old friends and making some new ones.

While walking the floor, and looking at new gear, there's not only plenty of talk about the recent fall hunting season, but also the coming spring turkey campaign. That gets us pretty excited here at the Realtree Turkey Blog.

So check out our photo gallery of some of the new turkey hunting products from Knight & Hale and Hunters Specialties.

New Knight & Hale Turkey Calls

Image 1 of 7

Image 1 of 7

1 | New Knight & Hale Turkey Calls

When I dropped by the Knight & Hale booth to check out their new 2017 turkey calls, I innocently asked legendary competition caller and turkey hunter Chris Parrish if they had any new ones. 

He grinned and collected these models. Click ahead to get specific details on some of them.

Boxes pictured here include the Razors Edge Box Call and Magnet Box Call.

(Steve Hickoff photo)

Image 2 of 7

Image 2 of 7

2 | Moonshiner Pot Call

According to Parrish, the new Moonshiner Pot Call is machined out of solid acrylic, with high-end crystal to add calling versatility.

Consistency and durability are two upsides of this call.

MSRP: $44.99.

(Steve Hickoff photo)

Canyon Cutter Pot Call

Image 3 of 7

Image 3 of 7

3 | Canyon Cutter Pot Call

This new Knight & Hale turkey call was designed by Realtree Pro Staffer and Bone Collector Nick Mundt.

Hunt gobblers in the wind? Yelp long distances for birds? This is the pot call for you.

MSRP: $49.99.

(Steve Hickoff photo)

Undertaker Turkey Chest Pack

Image 4 of 7

Image 4 of 7

4 | Undertaker Turkey Chest Pack

The Hunters Specialties Undertaker Turkey Chest Pack gives you a simple, quiet solution to carry shotshells, turkey calls and other necessities.

Run-and-gun turkey hunters will love this new gear item. (And yep, it's in Realtree camo.)

Some features:

  • Magnetic closures.
  • Adjustable four-point harness.
  • Drop-down chest case.
  • Shell belt (holds up to seven).
  • External striker holsters.

MSRP: $39.99.

(Steve Hickoff photo)

Strut-Lite Hen

Image 5 of 7

Image 5 of 7

5 | Strut-Lite Hen

The new Hunters Specialties Strut-Lite Hen can be placed in the receptive breeding position for setups with gobbler fakes, or alone. 

The decoy includes a two-piece stake as well. Foldable, the hollow-body construction is easy to stash and carry in your turkey vest or decoy bag.

MSRP: $34.99.

(Steve Hickoff photo)

Triple Trauma Adjustable Box Call

Image 6 of 7

Image 6 of 7

6 | Triple Trauma Adjustable Box Call

The new Hunters Specialties Triple Trauma Adjustable Box Call has multiple tones in just this one call.

Three paddle positions near the hinge screw offer calling options. The box is made of waterproofed poplar for those rainy spring days.

MSRP: $29.99.

(Steve Hickoff photo)

Double Dead and Double Spur

Image 7 of 7

Image 7 of 7

7 | Double Dead and Double Spur

Hunters Specialties always has a range of pot calls and strikers for your turkey hunting.

The Double Dead and Double Spur are just two of their new pot call offerings this season.

MSRP (Double Dead): $19.99. 

MSRP (Double Spur): $39.99.

(Steve Hickoff photo)

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