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How To Fill Your Turkey Tag in 5 Days

I'm not from The South. If you need any physical evidence of such, you need to simply grab a plane ticket and head to my place in Michigan. Or Wisconsin. Or Maine. It's “spring” here. But it's fairly hard to know that without looking at a calendar. It's still cold...

A First-Time Turkey Hunter

What’s better than tagging a turkey after a hard, long day of hunting in tough weather conditions? Watching an enthusiastic first-time hunter bag her bird. A few weeks ago, I had the honor of welcoming Amanda Covington, vice president of communications and government relations for Vista Outdoor Inc. , into...

The Realtree Turkey Guide: A Chart For Spring Success

I remember the first wild turkey I ever saw. It was walking through a fallow field behind the house I grew up in. I was home for the weekend during my first year of college. At that point I was just minimally aware that wild turkeys were hunted, having seen...

Tyler Jordan's Top 10 Turkey Hunting Tips

Born in 1992, Tyler Jordan killed his first turkey at age eight. It’s one of his favorite memories. He and his father Bill Jordan, Realtree founder, shared the moment. They’d gone out on a Thursday afternoon to roost turkeys for their Friday morning hunt. Two birds not far from a...

Trail Cameras for Turkeys

A ground-shaking gobble resonates across the clearing. A few more steps brings him close enough you can smell what he had for breakfast. A sharp cluck and smooth trigger pull put an end to his bantering. This is what happens when you do your homework. And today's turkey hunter has...

7 Reasons Why You Won't Tag a Turkey This Spring

Turkey season is upon us -- or soon will be, depending on where you live. The landscape is starting to green up. The dogwoods will soon begin to bloom. And, if this season is like years past, you’ll be preparing yet another list of excuses for why you didn’t get...

The 10 Commandments of Public Land Turkey Hunting

Some folks have private honey holes. Filling spring gobbler tags without too much outside hunting pressure is pretty much assured. And then there's the rest of us. The guys who hunt public land turkeys with everyone else. It’s busy. It’s crowded. Some strategies are in order. So let's get to...

All About Turkey Reaping

Jeremy McCarty refuses to call what we’re doing turkey hunting. According to him, we are “turkey reaping,” and, unlike turkey hunting, where concealment is key, when turkey reaping, you want the gobblers to see you -- or at least see the decoys you’re using to close the distance. I’ve turkey...

5 DIY Turkey Taxidermy Projects

Turkey taxidermy is expensive. And it doesn’t take many full-body turkey mounts to fill a room. Yet, so many gobblers are worth remembering beyond a beard lost in the garage. Here are five cool DIY turkey taxidermy projects that are easy to make … and even easier on the wallet...

The College Student's Guide to Turkey Hunting

Legs shake. Hands tremble. Your mind races wild. And it’s not even because of the chick in psychology class. No, it’s that longbeard gobbling every breath, no more than 60 yards away and just out of sight. He’s ripping your nervous system to shreds – particularly because you know that...

Is Turkey Hunting Tougher Than Ever?

You set out for a long walk in the dark to the top of your favorite ridge, the one where you've worked countless longbeards over the years. As daylight slowly breaks, you owl hoot, almost shivering with anticipation. The show is about to start ... except, it never does. You...

How to Build an Awesome Home Meat Processing Shop

The hunting experience doesn’t come full circle until you enjoy your bounty on the dinner table. You can depend on professional butchers to process your meat, or you can save a bunch of money and do it yourself. An initial investment in equipment will allow you to set up a...

Turkey Hunting the Evening Shift

Your step-by-step guide to turkey hunting in the afternoon

How to Kill Pressured Turkeys

Public land. Late season. Mute gobblers. We all run into it. Here’s how to pull out the stops and tag a longbeard that won’t cooperate.

The Boss of Beaver County

The Boss of Beaver County had a missing tailfeather and a raw attitude. There were four strutters in the field, but all eyes were on him—at least, he seemed to think they were.

Advanced Turkey Tactics: Roosting Strategies

Do you really know how to roost turkeys ? These deadly strategies for both fly-down and fly-up hunts can help you bag your next gobbler

One Time in the Turkey Woods

Ever seen something funny in the turkey woods? So have we. A new turkey season is finally here. There’ll be plenty of time for calling tips, setup strategies and other serious matters. For now, we’re delving into the sport’s lighter side with these four humorous tales from the spring woods.

Kill an Out-of-State Gobbler (For Less Than $1,000)

Steve Hickoff gives his tips for taking an out-of-state turkey trip on a budget

Hunting May Gobblers

Where, when and how to fill your late-season turkey tags

The Okie Chokie

Rios are easy, right? After three long days in the Oklahoma turkey woods, the author isn't so sure