Turkey Hunting in Wyoming

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  • 30,000

    Wild Turkey Population

  • Merriam's, Rio Grande, hybrids of both

    Turkey Subspecies

  • 9,300

    Number of Licenses Sold Annually

  • $16.00

    Resident wild turkey license. Various fees for specific permit hunts and hunter designations. Please refer to the website.

    Cost of Resident License and Permit

  • $72.00

    Non-resident wild turkey license. Various fees for specific permit hunts and hunter designations. Please refer to the website.

    Cost of Non-Resident License and Permit

Although Cowboy State turkeys are not distributed on the vast amount of public ground other western states provide, it does offer stellar success rates for both the local and traveling turkey hunters alike. Annually roughly 5,500 turkey hunters head to the woods each spring; about 3,000 of them are successful. The typical non-resident hunter success is about 70 percent in many areas, and about 40 to 50 percent for residents. Like many states, Wyoming also offers numerous walk-in areas, which is private ground that offers public lease hunting rights. Properties in fourteen counties provide this access and are often prime locations in which to bag a gobbling tom. Another Wyoming plus is that hunters can kill up to two gobblers if at least one of the tags is a limited quota Type 3 license. While some of the limited tags can be tough to draw, if you are lucky enough, you are sure to have an exceptional hunt. Many areas can also be hunted with a general, over-the-counter license as well.

2014 Season Dates: April 1-May 20 (vary by unit; check regulations).

One of the most popular areas in which to hunt the Merriam's wild turkey is in the Black Hills region, which borders Montana and South Dakota to the north and east. That said, this is perhaps the only region of the country where this subspecies can be hunted in three different states in such close proximity to one another, making the Black Hills the Merriam's madness capital in the Lower 48. The famed Black Hills in the northeast corner of the state is no doubt the best location for the public land hunter and is followed by the Laramie Peaks region, which is located in parts of Converse, Platte and Albany counties. Although the Laramie region does not have the public land opportunities that the Black Hills do, there is enough National Forest, BLM and walk-in access to keep you busy. 

Wyoming Turkey Hunting Fact: Wyoming offers both Merriam's and Rio Grande turkeys, and a hybrid of the two subspecies, with the Merriam’s making up the primary population. They are distributed throughout northeast and eastern Wyoming.