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Get the latest hunting tips and tactics for all of your wild-game hunts and outdoor pursuits from one of these Realtree videos.

  • Bowhunting Tip: Bow Timing Part Three

    Michael Pitts and Travis "T-Bone" Turner wrap up their talk on bow timing. Click here for more bowhunting articles and videos. Check us out on Facebook .

  • Bowhunting Tip: Bow Timing Part Two

    Michael Pitts and Travis "T-Bone" Turner continue with their talk on bow timing. Click here for more bowhunting articles and videos. Check us out on Facebook .


How to Choose a Good Taxidermist

Taxidermy is an art form that many hunters have come to appreciate and cherish. As outdoor enthusiasts, we often choose to encapsulate the animals we kill through taxidermy. And it’s no inexpensive purchase, either. In fact, it can be quite expensive depending on the animal you’re having mounted and the...

How to Choose a Broadhead

The topic of broadhead selection usually fuels a fiery debate. For some reason we’ve developed the mentality that we must choose one over the other. However, for the last several seasons my quiver has been stocked with an assortment of broadheads each with an important role. Learn more about what...

How to French Tune a Bow

When it comes to bow tuning, there is much debate over which method is most effective. Personally, I think all styles of bow tuning have their place. However, French tuning is the method I use most often. This process only requires shooting a few shots from 3 and 10 yards,...

Summer Sizzler Salad with Cai Ap Bryn

We take a look back at one of the summer’s finest dishes with former owner and head chef of The Wild Food Catering Company, Cai Ap Bryn. Cai is passionate about the great outdoors, ethical harvetsing of meat and preparing it for the table. He now proudly presents his company...

How to Select the Proper Arrow Spine

As bowhunters , arrow spine plays a key role in our overall accuracy. Selecting the incorrect arrow can lead to major headaches when it comes time to tune your rig prior to opening day. Here are some tips on how to avoid these tuning issues and what to look for...

Guinea Fowl Shooting in South Africa with Ian Harford

Welcome to Realtree Global Wing Shooting, the brand new series where we visit the finest game lodges in the world. During these epic adventures we experience some of the best wing shooting available. Episode Five - We join Realtree Chief of International Pro-Team Ian Harford for an epic adventure, on...

How to Cook Groundhog

It's the fifth and final day of Groundhog Week . We've talked about how to hunt groundhogs. Then we scouted out the groundhog . Then we killed the groundhog . After that, we skinned it out. And today, we show you how to cook it. Groundhog Week has been great,...

How to Skin a Groundhog

Groundhog Week is still going strong. So, have you ever shot a groundhog and wondered how to skin it? Wonder no more. Here is a step-by-step guide to skinning and gutting a groundhog. And don't forget to check out how to scout for groundhogs with trail cameras and to see...

Multi Horned Ram Hunt in Argentina with Clare Harford

Today's episode of Realtree Girl takes us to the Cordoba province of Argentina with Ian Coley Sporting and Frontiers Travel, hunting for multi-horn rams. Whilst beautiful, the environment can be harsh and uncompromising. It's because of this, the resident animals here must be tough and adaptable, which makes them difficult...

Hunting Groundhogs with Rifles

It's the second day of Groundhog Week and we're hunting groundhogs with rifles. Lots of groundhogs. They're dropping left and right. The whistlepigs don't stand a chance. And while you're at it, check out how we use trail cameras to kill more groundhogs , posted yesterday during the inauguration of...

How to Scout for Groundhogs with Trail Cameras

It's day one of five during Groundhog Week on Learn how to use trail cameras to kill more groundhogs. Seriously, though. It works. Try it. Stay tuned for more groundhog hunting articles and videos throughout the week. Check us out on Facebook .

Introducing Groundhog Week on

We're introducing the all-new Groundhog Week right here on Have you ever hunted groundhogs? Ever thought about trying it? Don't miss Groundhog Week on New groundhog-hunting content will be posted every day from June 20-24, 2016. And check out this promo while you're at it.