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Get the latest hunting tips and tactics for all of your wild-game hunts and outdoor pursuits from one of these Realtree videos.

  • Realtree Video: NWTF 2017 Convention Highlights

    The editorial crew had a great time visiting with old friends and making new ones at the 2017 NWTF Convention. We're proud to say many of you are part of the Realtree family. It's as clear as a nearby gobble on a crisp, early-spring morning. Check out our video...

  • Water Buffalo Hunting in Argentina With Clare Harford

    We return to the beautiful hilltops of Rincon de Luna Lodge in the Cordoba province of Argentina, for another epic hunting adventure. Realtree Global Girl, Clare Harford has her sights set on water buffalo. The day started early as the team headed out before sunrise. This wasn't going to be...


MW10.20: Cold Weather Bucks

Cold weather and food plots can make for phenomenal late season action. I'll take you through my past week of hunting - it was an exciting week with multiple big buck encounters. Under the right conditions, the late season can be just as productive as the rut!

Realtree Turkey Winter Warm-Up: Pete Alfano Texas Rio

Spring turkey seasons are still weeks and months away. In the meantime, video hunts pass the time, and keep us primed until opening day. Here's a great shot with not a second to spare . . .

Florida Hog Hunting

Pig hunting: The perfect way to spend an off-season afternoon, especially if it's in sunny Florida. Will Brantley waits for a shot on a feeding wild boar.

Realtree Turkey Winter Warm-Up: Classic Dan Perez Bow Kill

"That big bird was imposing his will on Calvin . . ."

Whitetail Properties Daybreak Video: Illinois Archery Gobbler

Do you have opening day 2011 marked on your hunt calendar? We do too. Videos keep us stoked in the meantime. Here Dave Plocker arrows an Illinois spring longbeard during a recent season.

Public Land Waterfowl Tips

Will Brantley talks about the importance of scouting and realistic decoy spreads for duck hunting on public land.


In this episode, our son Andrew, overcomes what has been a rough hunting season and bags a nice buck...the same buck that gave us the slip during youth season!. It was the first time into this particular spot and we caught the deer by suprise – it was a perfect...


In this episode, I take you on a 3-year journey for an old, mature buck we call "Jamie." This buck became a true legend on my farm - we got trail camera photos of him every year but rarely saw him during daylight, he was ghost-like. Finally, in 2010 Jamie...

Cleaning Your Duck Decoys

Will Brantley talks about restoring the shine to duck decoys that have been in storage since last season


The legend of "Lathrop" comes to a close. This buck has given my cameramen the slip for the past 3 years. During this season we had three encounters with him, but things didn't come together until the morning of November 15. Greg Clements and I switched stands for him to...


Joe and Drew Yarkosky finally take down the family farm legend, "Methusaleh." This ancient buck had been bullying some of the younger ones and shortly after taking him, "Curly" showed back up in the area giving the Yarkosky's a new challenge. I had a crazy morning on the 9th. We...

Tips on Blood Trailing

Will Brantley talks about tracking a bow-hit buck when the blood trail is sparse.